First test flight of the F-35 Lightning» II

June 6, 2010 took place the first test flight of the first prototype standard based fighter Lockheed Martin F-35C «Light-ning» II. Mission duration was 57 minutes. According to representatives of the first F-35C aircraft will be on part of the U.S. Navy in 2016

The first test flight of the F-35 "Lightning» II

June 10 2010 U.S. Marine Corps, Colonel Matt Kelly at the Experimental Aircraft F-35B (tail number BF-2) headed for the respective speed of Mach 1.07 at an altitude of 9150 m It was the 30th flight of the aircraft.

Plane BF-2 was the third prototype F-35, break the sound barrier. The first two aircraft (AA-1 and AF-1) have been instances of land fighter for the Air Force with the ordinary takeoff and landing.

By June 13 2010 , all aircraft F-35 completed 111 test flights instead of the planned 103 flights.
The company "Pratt & Whitney" in May 2010 graduated from the program from flight test engine F135-PW-100 and started to produce the first batch of production turbofan type.

At the request of the Vice-President of the F119 and F135 Programs Office "Pratt & Whitney" Bennett Krosuella engines made 29 F135-PW-100, including 11 for bench trials and 18 — for the flight. By the time the true engines have already gained about 18,000 hours.

Yet, according MO USA programm the creation of a fighter is behind schedule, the very small, for two years.

Despite the strong support programs from the F-35 U.S. municipal structures, there is a tendency of gradual withdrawal from it of a number of previously definitely oriented toward upgrading its own air force these fighters. Thus, the Dutch parliament voted in May 2010 for refusing the role in the program development of the fighter F-35, also for the abolition of the purchase order 85 aircraft of this type. In total, the country has invested in the development and test JSF fighter about $ 800 million at the same time, according to a representative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in the USA F. Van Hovell, the decision of the Parliament of this country can be completely approved and come into force only after consideration of the new Government, which was to begin to implement its commitments after the elections this summer.

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