Flashed blue glow, and the destroyer disappeared




By experiments on teleportation was involved Albert Einstein himself?

The famous "Philadelphia Experiment", in which the summer and fall of 1943, the destroyer "Eldridge" disappeared first, and then immediately moved to the area a few hundred kilometers, the experts ranked among the most intriguing mysteries of the twentieth century. And put on a par with the murder of John F. Kennedy and the seizure of a "flying saucer" in 1947. Moreover, some of them even suggested that three U.S. secret somehow associated with each other and therefore can not be unraveled separately. But enthusiasts still trying. After six decades, our correspondent visited the site of the experiment, and met with the chief expert who continue to investigate the mysterious incident.

Einstein's Secret Weapon

Historian Andrew Hohhaymer regrets that the shipyard is not set destroyer "Eldridge." "The result would be the most mysterious museum in the world" — he says.

— Andrew — I ask, — in the course of history ghost ship has acquired the myths about her written novels, films were shot. What's the undeniable truth?

— The truth is that an experiment actually took place. At least it does not deny the Office of Research of the U.S. Navy. Although there is still insist that in 1943, scientists conducted experiments on so-called degaussing, or, as physicists say, "degaussizatsii" of the ship, trying to make it less visible to the enemy radar and "invisible" to magnetic mines. Because then up to the technology, "stealth", hiding from radar due to a special coating is not smart enough. And try other methods. But no supernatural effects have not received. And all the stories about them are invented Looney ufologists. I'm sure that even the most fantastic myths are not born in a vacuum. The experiment at some point could easily get out of control, and the strongest electromagnetic impulses — to give unexpected results that replicate, and it was not because they were dependent, maybe accidental combination of circumstances or to certain environmental conditions. As in the Bermuda Triangle. Another question: is it really an experiment with a destroyer revealed the "dematerialization" or "teleportation"? This to me is not yet known.

— Some researchers argue that a mysterious Philadelphian experience was personally involved Albert Einstein.

— Indeed, by the time Einstein was a pacifist, refused to work on the atomic bomb, realized that should help in the war against fascism. It was in 1943 he was listed as scientific adviser to the Navy. It is said that the great theorist even brought to the scene after the first experience, when "Eldridge" melted into a green fog. There is a kind of hypothesis that, through the "Philadelphia Experiment" Einstein secretly checked his unified field theory that links all the forces in the universe — electromagnetic, gravitational, nuclear. The theory on which the now struggling luminaries of world physics. Einstein supposedly created it after all, and then destroyed the records, fearing the consequences of translating theory into practice "unreasonable" humanity. However, scientists were convinced that by electromagnetism can distort space and time.

Remelting of mystery

— Tell me, Andrew, were you able to find any member of the team, "Aldridge" — those who have experienced the supernatural influence?

— Alas, six decades — too long. All died. And besides, almost all were patients of hospitals for the mentally ill. We have only the testimony of those who saw the experiment from the side. For example, the letters of Carlos Allende sailor, who was watching from the deck of the ship experience, "Andrew Fyureset."

— Does not explain the tragic fate of the team that veil of silence that surrounded the story of the power of the destroyer?

— Strong electromagnetic field could well have a detrimental effect on the body. It is possible that these details and withheld. Although for them, probably added and some military secrets. Indeed, experiments to create invisible never stopped.

— What became of the destroyer?

— In 1951 the ship was transferred to Greece, where it was renamed "Leon". In 1991, the destroyer written off and cut into scrap metal. Mystery "Eldridge", alas, was burned in smelters.

The legend of the ghost ship

The legend is as follows: in the harbor of the Philadelphia Shipyard Americans conducted experiments to disguise military ships to make them invisible to radar and magnetic mines. For one experiment, chose a small destroyer "Eldridge," has just come down from the shipyard. Slide on the four powerful electromagnetic generator. Include them, expecting that created field will distort the radar signals. But all contorted. The ship standing in the harbor, enveloped in a cloud of green mist, after which the ship and the fog by issuing a deafening howl, not only disappeared from the radar screen, but generally out of sight. On the water, leaving only a trace, as if depressed is invisible destroyer. Once the generator is off, "Eldridge" came back with a living, but quite spacey team — men stagger like a drunken man, they are sick.

The crew replaced a few weeks later repeated the experiment by increasing the field. Green fog is not formed — the destroyer just became translucent. Then there was a blue glow — a bright flash, and the "Eldridge" has disappeared without a trace. "Returned" after a few minutes, having been in the Norfolk area, a few hundred kilometers away from Philadelphia. There allegedly saw him — the ship first came out of the air, and then disappeared.

That is, while the generators "Eldridge" may have been teleported through space. Or, in Norfolk moved only his image, creating something like a mirage — an optical illusion projected on a huge distance? What is also no less amazing. In any case, it affected the team is stronger than last time. Almost all mad, the two disappeared at once, five were literally sealed in a metal construction, some burned alive, instantly flushed torches, while others are frozen, as if bathed in liquid nitrogen.

The experiments were stopped, and all the information was classified. But it still leaked in space and in time, though not become clearer.


Who first let it slip?

The appearance of information on the destroyer "Eldridge," we must "flying saucers." In 1955, the United States published a book of a certain Morris Jesup called "The arguments in favor of a UFO." After a while, the author received a letter from a passionate "fan" of aliens — the same Carlos Allende. He claimed to have seen something a little worse than the "plates" — teleportation experiment, described the details, saying that the behavior of the disappearing in front of the destroyer, and the UFO is very similar. And even the person allegedly shoved a hand into the electromagnetic cocoon that stretched from the "Eldridge" over a distance of one hundred meters. Cocoon, to which, according to Allende, was at hand, seemed thick and elastic.

Later, in 1970, more detailed testimony gave "Dr. Rinehart." Under this pseudonym hiding is still not deciphered scientist who took part in the experiment. He said some of the technical details. Then they began to appear testimony of survivors of seamen. But experts do not take them seriously, as the sailors claimed were on another planet and have seen strange creatures.

In 1977, the interesting information came from Patrick Macey, who served in 1945 in a military archive. It is reported that accidentally went to the cinema, in which the top rung of the Navy showed a documentary. Archivist was able to see footage of a ship, standing between the other two, was covered in mist and disappear. Macy vaguely heard some comments, rank talked about the fact that the field was too long and inclusive of the crew had a problem. And the sailors are still out of my mind, and apparently for good. Attempts to explain the "Philadelphia Experiment" by serious scientists do not.

Andrew Kabannik
Vladimir Lagowski. February 12, 2004

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