Floating wheeled armored personnel carrier BTR-70

In 1971 he made a highly experienced standard wheel BMP GAZ-50, developed by the design bureau of the Gorky Automobile Plant-based units and units of the BTR-60PB. Wheeled infantry fighting vehicle had the same armament and the tower, and that BMP-1. The troop department newest car seats eight infantrymen. BMP GAZ-50 for various reasons, not commercially produced, but its chassis was used for the creation of the BTR-70, which have adopted 21.08.1972.

In general assembly BTR-70 repeats the BTR-60PB. Separation of management from the place of the driver and the vehicle commander is the front of the armored corps. The separation of control is landing department, and power pack — aft.

The driver and vehicle commander off the battlefield observe their surroundings through two windshields, which are equipped with a heating device and a screen wiper. The glass in the firing position locked armor covers. In this case, the commander of the monitors through the device TNPKU-2B and three periscope devices TNP-B, and a driver uses four TNP-B. For the entrance of the management, there are two hatches in the roof of the case.

Closed sealed housing BTR-70 welded from rolled sheets bronestali. The thickness of the coil parts — 8-10 mm. Tower Also welded, its thickness is in front of 6 mm. The height of the body and armored personnel carriers compared with the BTR-60PB reduced by 185 mm.

The principal elements of the new body were little lower side access doors, mounted on both sides of the body between the third and second pairs of wheels. Hatches are designed to shelter dismount and landing troops. Additional hatches are in the roof of the troop compartment.

The troop compartment can hold six infantry. They are facing the sides of the seats, which provides an opportunity to fire directly from their own sites. In the hull sides to this, there are 6 embrasures, closing armor covers. On each side of the troop compartment installed on the device of TNP-B for surveillance. Another Marine is located in front of the shooter machine gun is on the other side.

In BTR-70 the same armament as that of the BTR-60PB: KPVT 14.5mm and 7.62mm machine gun mounted in an armored turret with a radial rotation. Have also developed a very experienced model BTR-70 is attached to the tower automatic grenade launcher AG-17, but this model is not commercially produced.

Armored troop-carrier to equip the power plant over-capacity. In the rear of the hull in the engine-transmission unit on the frame has two eight-cylinder V-type carburetor engine GAZ-49B (power of 120 hp each). The cooling oil is a 2-exchangers and radiators. The use of gasoline engines running on gasoline due to excessive fire risk. To reduce fire fuel tanks installed in isolated compartments, and armored personnel equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. Place the driver is equipped with the system disconnected from the motor power transmission, which makes it possible in the event of failure of the 1st of the engines quickly turn it off and continue on the serviceable engine.

Chassis, as well as at BTR-60PB, produced by 8×8. The first two pairs are manageable, with all this small turning radius equals 12.6 meters. Torsion bar suspension, wheels are split rim, low-pressure tires, tubeless, size 13.00 x 18 inches. APC equip the system of centralized tire pressure regulation. The presence of massive compressor in the system makes it possible to adjust the pressure depending on the criteria and make up for the loss of tire pressure lumbago.

The highest rate of BTR-70 when driving on the highway is 80 km / h. APC has the highest cross-country. He fording swim at speeds up to 10 km / h. The movement on the water provides a two-stage water-jet dvizhetel. Progress in store afloat — 12:00.

BTR-70 turret from BTR-80

During the development of the BTR-70, considerable attention was paid to its equipment to conduct operations in the criteria for the use of nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction. APCs are located on the radiation detection device DP-3B, filter unit consisting of absorbing filter and blower-separator set to spec. processing and chemical military unit. VPHR intelligence.

The equipment includes armored vehicles: tank intercom, R-123M radio, heater, winch and towing devices for self (traction 6 thousand kgs).

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