Flooding in British Columbia grows

Flooding in British Columbia grows Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents of the Canadian province were forced from their homes, dozens left without access to safe drinking water due to flooding caused by the past few days ago by rain. Reported a lost old man who fell down the water along with the bridge over the bay, Guus, support which was washed away by water.

Most flood-affected communities north of Kelowna called Sikamaus with a population of 3,100 people. 350 people had to undergo an emergency evacuation due to the waxing crazy pace of water in bays and Sikamaus Hammingberd. In the settlement of a house washed away with water in the foundation, a lot of the buildings seriously damaged. Dozens of cars washed away into the bay from the street.

At Sandy Point evacuated 200 people. Only in the province moved to safer places of stay of about 700 residents. Affected communities are more like rivers and ponds, as the water is kept high enough. Additional risks are trees and rubble floating in the streets.

In neighboring areas, people are preparing for evacuation, because wet weather has brought a lot of water in rivers and lakes throughout the province. Throughout British Columbia hampered movement by road, filled with water or placed mudslides. Many of the roads are closed.

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