Floods in Thailand reached the capital (photo news)

Floods in Thailand reached the capital (photo news) This is interesting

Thailand — the largest rice exporter in the world, but this year's floods, raging north of the capital in July 2011, destroyed more than a quarter of the country's crop. The disaster claimed the lives of 400 people in Thailand and neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam.

Reaching Bangkok, flooding forced the residents to leave the capital for a week. The total loss is about $ 6 billion.

1) 29 October 2011. A woman with a child in the Chao Phraya River.

2) 30 October 2011. Thai soldiers after the wall was breached in Bangkok swollen Chao Phraya river.

3) October 30, 2011. Residents of the capital making their way through flooded streets.

4) October 30, 2011. Capital residents evacuated from the flooded area.

5) October 29, 2011. Devastated shop capital.

6) 30 October 2011. Thousands of flood victims sheltering in evacuation centers around the capital.

7) October 27, 2011. Thai way through flood water depth in the chest on the outskirts of the capital.

8) October 30, 2011. Houses in a residential area in the north of the capital plunged into the water.

9) October 30, 2011. Thai soldiers and workers were trying to repair the breach in the wall of time.

10) 23 October 2011. Flood victims are watching TV in a temporary evacuation center — airport, Don Muang.

11) 26 October 2011. Man swims to load the bus with beer, while the flood approaches the center of the capital.

12) October 21, 2011. Thai child with a gas tank in a flood on the outskirts of Bangkok. According to UN figures the number of children killed by floods in July 2011 in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, is about 800. Leading causes of death — the inability to swim.

13) October 25, 2011. Elderly woman evacuated from the flooded streets of Bangkok.

14) October 25, 2011. Thai monks working to strengthen the dam on the outskirts of Bangkok.

15) October 24, 2011. Woman hanging on the sign on the chest in the flooded streets on the outskirts of the capital.

16) October 24, 2011. Man sneaks through flooded streets with bottles of drinking water.

17) October 24, 2011. People to make their stuff from the flooded market during the evacuation.

18) October 23, 2011. Person transported by boat to the evacuation center through flooded streets.

19) 23 October 2011. Thai monks and volunteers strengthen the dam on the outskirts of the capital.

20) October 23, 2011. Thai family floats back home on a makeshift raft.

21) 22 October 2011. Thai family was evacuated during the night.

22) 22 October 2011. Thai people wade through the sand bags on the outskirts of the capital.

23) Pictures by NASA within the city limits of the capital received by the Terra satellite on November 12 (left) and 19 October 2011.

24) October 21, 2011. Thai bathes in the street after his house was destroyed.

25) October 21, 2011. Thai floating on a makeshift raft on the outskirts of the capital.

26) October 18, 2011. An elderly woman is on a wooden bridge on the outskirts of Bangkok.

27) October 15, 2011. Rescuers crocodile caught in Ayutthaya province.

28) October 28, 2011. Taxi driver caught a python in the heart of Bangkok.

29) October 15, 2011. Thai boy trying not to wet the bill during the flood in Nonthaburi province.

30) 11 October 2011. Temple on the outskirts of the capital of Ayutthaya province surrounded by water.

31) October 16, 2011. Car plunged into the water at the "Honda" in the industrial district of Ayutthaya province.

32) 18 October 2011. Working their way through the water in the pedestrian Thani province.

33) October 22, 2011. Moscow residents wade through flood waters on the outskirts of the city.

34) October 27, 2011. People want to buy tickets at the bus station to leave the capital.

35) October 27, 2011. Workers look at parked in flood water plane at the airport Don Muang.

36) October 26, 2011. Thai soldiers wade through floodwaters in Bangkok.

37) October 29, 2011. Residents of the capital making their way through the flooded streets of the capital.

38) October 27, 2011. Bangkok residents sleeping with a dog on a raised bed of flood waters.

39) October 30, 2011. Woman who needs medical attention, evacuated from one of the flooded areas of the capital.

40) October 30, 2011. Flood victims pedestrian way through the water in Bangkok in a homemade high tricycle.

41) October 29, 2011. Man passes near flooded the market in the capital.

42) October 28, 2011. A resident of the capital with their belongings sneaking through town overrun by Thonburi Bangkok.

43) October 26, 2011. Woman crying on the phone.

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