Florida is close to extensive tropical storm

Florida is close to extensive tropical storm Weather and Climate

To the territory of the State of Florida from the Gulf of Mexico is approaching tropical storm Debbie. Despite the fact that the main blow expected in about a day, the staff already flooded by torrential rains. In neighboring Alabama recorded the rise of oceanic waves, and in Louisiana, made public storm warning.

Tropical Storm Debby in Cedar Key, Florida.
There are reports of a woman who died at her home on the flown in Hurricane Venus. Another person has been missing, it may be picked up and carried away in the wave of the sea on one of the beaches of Alabama. Like a tornado caused the destruction of several dozen homes and fault lines. Because of the strong gale force winds of up to 95 km / h stopped working bridge over Tampa Bay, connecting St. Petersburg and the surrounding area.

According to recent reports, Debbie is 165 km south-south-west of Apalachicola, Florida. The storm will move north before landfall. Some meteorologists believe that Debbie is enough power to from a tropical cyclone become a real hurricane.
Because of the low rate of movement of the storm (4.5 km / h) clouds are gaining more moisture and can bring a real deluge. Florida and southeast Georgia are preparing to receive 130-250 mm of rainfall, parts — up to 500 mm.
Neighboring states in full preparing for the upcoming events: the south-east of New Orleans mounted defenses to avoid flooded an important transportation route, Louisiana rescuers are ready for battle. On the beaches of Florida's most installed red flags, warning of the danger of finding near unpredictable waves, the execution of this order ensures protection of whistles. 23% of enterprises in oil and gas turned its production due to the deteriorating weather conditions at sea. All staff of 13 wells and 61 th platform in the Gulf of Mexico evacuated to dry land.

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