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Similar images were obtained in January 1999 at the Museum of Belgrave Hall in the County Leysestershir in England. The museum has long enjoyed a bad reputation because of poltergeist manifestations. In different places it was a strange knock, spontaneously moving objects, and there are ghosts. Last appeared in early 1999, when on the witness monitor police saw two transparent figures dressed in the Victorian era. Just a few seconds they were observed, and then melted away, leaving a cloud of white mist. And in the office of one of the employees in the air a strange light streaks.

Presumably in this museum reported cases have occurred due to activation of geopathic zones. Similar patterns with white fog or haze, pillars and stripes of light captured in the photographs and domestic researchers in poltergeystnyh apartments. In one of the apartments after the death of elderly mother at night heard a knock at the walls, heard shuffling steps and disappeared official documents and things, including jewelry.

When biolocation studies in this apartment by the research team, which included the famous "anomalschik" A. Priyma, discovered the invisible pillars with a diameter of 15-20 cm, moving around the room on a complex curve.

The diagram A. Priyma in the book "Vnezemlyane go" photos room "captured poltergeist", the site of the pillars observed a white veil, as if the poles are surrounded by fields of unknown origin.

In the picture A. Priyma on July 2, 1990, covered in a haze of contact, on the right there is the phenomenon of light, which is fixed and dauzinge dowsing with L-shaped frame and swingarm, and the frame just gives a bound column, imprinted on the photograph.

Invisible poles or luminous cocoon, according to well-known researchers and doctors of medicine Papus Durville — is essential body secreted hypnotized people. But the glowing white columns we have received on their photographs and close to the people, not susceptible to hypnosis. Such surprising ellipsoid columnar glow was obtained in the photo next to the N. Glazkova scientist T. Fistulous during her work with the manuscript and the other pictures.

Among the many theories and theories about the origin of poltergeist worthy hypothesis Alexei Priyma that poltergeist — it tricks "essential cocoons" dead, energy vampires, producing telekinetic wonders. The ethereal cocoon, according sensitives — transparent double deceased person.

After the death of the physical body cocoon or astral astral body, moving to a different plane of existence subtle energy, knocks off the skin of essential cocoon.

According to one version, as we have already noted, the poltergeist has among its tenants apartments media often teenager. In his presence, a poltergeist is possible, and at his departure from the house of a poltergeist is terminated.

It is believed that the unconscious psychic activity teenager in puberty can unconscious effort of will to move objects at a distance and carry the abnormal activity leading to rapid processes, which is a poltergeist.

According to the above examples, the behavior of young children is the cause of "water" poltergeists. In the XIX century in France there was a poltergeist when the cure of Sidevillya quarreled with a local magician, who with the help of a peasant Torelli called poltergeist in the house of the cure, tying him to two teenagers. The house fly utensils, furniture and cats. These homes must first be evaluated for the presence of geopathic zones, energy networks Hartman, Curry and nodes of their intersections, and also to appease the "noisy ghost" through prayer. In the photos, except for the effects of poltergeist, imprinted and objects floating in the air.

In a troubled family home on the border with Costa Italy correspondent camera lens a French newspaper captured the violence of the poltergeist. The camera captured the kitchen first flying objects. The photo can be seen flown in a flower pot in front of the astonished eyes of the hostess. But neither she nor the child does not have a relationship to what is happening. Presumably at this point the kitchen, according to the dauzingu biolocation effect passes geopathic zone and energetically strip from the bottom up, the frame at the same time strongly rotating.

The photo psychic O. Avdeev made them poltergeystnoy Tashkent apartment where things were moving, burst cups and plates on two women reclining on a couch, etched translucent image of a girl in a school uniform with strange eyes like two burning coal. Specter is translucent and is indistinguishable from a living person except the eyes. In our dowsing dauzingu this photograph, geopathic zones in this part of the apartment is not fixed.

In many cases, the poltergeist phenomenon attributable to the psychokinetic energy liberated teenager allegedly untrue.

Kurt Paul in the book of "The Temptation of otherworldly" gives an example of anticipated poltergeist in the home of John and Joan Resch in Columbus, Ohio, in the presence of their adopted daughter, Tina Resch fourteen unbalanced. A reporter from the newspaper and photographer M. Jordán F. Shannon reported that the house on their own turn on and off lights and water, and eggs, lamps, telephones suddenly rose up, flew through the air and fell to the floor, as if possessed of a certain spiritual power . Shannon photographed hovering in the air phone, which appeared in many newspapers around the world.

This effect has been studied, "the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of applications of the paranormal." It turned out that Tina Resch watched a film about poltergeists and learned to quietly thrown in the air objects.

In the case of a report about the flying phones F. Shannon said that "force" does not show up when he looked at Tina. Phone took off when he turned away and the edge of the eye followed by Tina. Once the phone was taking off, Shannon quickly turned and photographed him while he was in the air. None of the respondents saw the first object at rest, they've seen it already in flight.

Shannon made a thorough analysis of the photos other poltergeist cases showed that in the case of rising into the air chair leg Tina was at that moment under the chair, so the chair raised like Evsafii Palladino.

Reporter J. Achenbach, once visited Tina in the hospital when she broke her leg, I saw that the plastic strap and a bottle of nail polish, jumped up in the air, were sent to the most Tina.

Parapsychologist William Roll examined the 116 cases of such "poltergeists" and found that "one-third of them were true, one third — one third of deceptive and can not be treated specifically." Roll argued that the house Reshey he saw as the hook on the wall fell off onto the floor pattern. When he wanted to take lying next pliers to fix a hook at the other end of the room flew through the air a tape recorder, and when he went to pick it up from the table and went up into the air pliers. Perhaps there were also manifest abnormal places in the apartment.

Unfortunately, P. Kurt did not mention in the book, whether the surveyed apartment units or dowsers. But even if the case with T. Resch interpreted in Rolla classification as indefinite, it exposes the conflict between skeptics and believers of scientific evidence and a tendency to believe. In some cases, the part of the mediums and the prophets really marked a deliberate deception and fraud, and from the gullible public — a thirst for faith in the otherworldly universe and SUPERPSYCHE, according to Kurt P.. To get the status of a supernatural phenomenon, really need in certain cases demonstrate its predisposition to faith and emotionally charged atmosphere. In the cases of poltergeist, the physical reality of its effects and consequences can be attributed to its anomalous phenomena in even unfathomable mysteries of parapsychology and eniologii.

Some researchers and people whose property was damaged by the impact of "noisy spirit," associate it with the emergence of spatio-temporal phenomena, transitions from one dimension or space to other, presumably followed by energy pulses, discharge energy, or energy waves that impact on the objects in the area their actions.

This is the opinion of the scenario poltergeist sticks and cosmonaut Vladimir Aksenov, whose apartment was, according to the essay C. Demkina "Poltergeist — rampant element or reasonable force?" (Miracles and Adventures, N9-10, 1993). Visited a typical poltergeist. He was followed by New Year's Eve careful rollover of heavy items (wardrobe) nerazbivshimsya mirror on the inside of the door, teleportation clothing through its walls, moving books and bottles. Was ripped one of the metal loops that hold the cabinet doors, bent wheels in the alarm clock, etc. Poltergeist occurred on New Year's night in the full moon. In our dowsing dauzingu scene photos of the event — the bedrooms astronaut through the tricuspid wardrobe and a table goes geopathic zone width of one meter. It can be assumed that the spontaneous manifestation of poltergeist activity occurred in this anomalous zone in favorable geophysical day — that is, the full moon.

Questions of origin and poltergeist interested and well-known physics. Donald Carpenter suggested that the poltergeist manifestations of mechanical energy is released in pulses lasting less than a second. The amount of energy from tip-over heavy stuff — cabinets, tables and refrigerators weighing an average of 50 pounds with the rise of the center of gravity of 10-15 cm should be an average of about 60 joules, and the power of extremely small pulse is not less than 6000 watts. Different places and the number of energy emission in the same room, suggesting that the poltergeist in advance stored energy as a powerful capacitor. Carpenter on the average weight of "noisy spirit" ranges from 5.7 to 22.8 g

On the basis of numerous publications about poltergeists with the photographs of his tricks and effects can be generalized, it is inconceivable that the phenomenon is associated not only with the anomalous zones of the earth, but perhaps with the inputs and outputs are not available in other earthlings spatio-temporal worlds with variable characteristics.

Correlation poltergeist with extraterrestrial factors, such as the manifestations of UFOs, has not been established. In the XIX century poltergeist activity coincided with the appearance of a UFO, but in some years, the emergence of poltergeist highs a few months ahead of the maximum registration UFO.

As we have already mentioned, the Siberian researchers believe that the outbreak poltergeystnye best correlated with changes in the intensity of the total effect of various factors cosmogeophysical. Spontaneous manifestation of poltergeist activity, particularly in unusual places and study its consequences, in our view, should be kompleksiruya geophysical measurements of magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic and seismic fields in poltergeystnyh indoors and outside. Dowsing is preset with selective and fotosensografirovanie, and after the disappearance of the poltergeist is photo-and biomonitoring. Only a thorough analysis of the entire data set can allow to identify ways of preventing the poltergeist and the knowledge of its nature, especially in unusual places.

Ville Landa, corresponding member MAEIN and MANEB,

Natalia Glazkov, honorary academician MAEIN, Zhukovsky

The Secret Doctrine 1,2004

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