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Genetically modified foods cause a lot of controversy. Not all the competent analysts are confident in their unique consumer safety. However, new varieties and even the types of crops, genetically engineered, attractive its adaptability: for example, genetically modified potatoes are not afraid of the Colorado potato beetle, pear — aphids, and seaweed — dolphins. Of course, growing such crops easier and cheaper — for one dollar invested can get more yield. The situation is more complicated than, on one side of the scale — the financial well-being of humankind, on the other — his humanity, health …

"It is better to be rich and healthy," — said the newly independent group of Finnish scientists, agronomists, entitled "Green Life" and proposed a new, alternative, you can say a compromise, technology modification of plants.

Our method does not require the intervention of a gene — explains the head of the "green life," Dr. Van Forklift — we use only water. Or rather special property of the fluid of life, discovered by us.

As we know from physics and chemistry, water — an unusual substance, concealing many puzzles for science. Water has been for thousands of years comes through history hand in hand with the man. The carts have long driven cars, torch — a flashlight, but no other liquid can not replace the water in spite of all the progress.

All the more in-depth studies provide new and new treasures in the natural casket of jewels hidden in the water, in the main for all living liquid. A group of "green living", to deal with water and plants in the past thirteen years, has long been able to confirm the view expressed by the most prominent scholars vodologami assumption that water, unlike ordinary liquids, has a special memory, and therefore can be programmed at the level of tall structures through sound.

Yes — says Dr. Van Forklift — we found that exposure to music is changing the structure of hydrogen bonds in water, causing it to acquire new properties. Our laboratory apparatus allows for any kind of effective sound effects: we put the jar with the fluid in kilovatny concert subwoofer. Indeed, the sound of water as it is absorbed by programming it, rearranging the highest structure. The liquid reacts differently to different sets of sounds: for example, under the influence of light jazz improvisation water gets curative properties, after listening to electronic music — becomes cloudy, and so on.

But the most interesting consequence of discovery of the "green life" was that special sound-treated water is able to transfer its properties to plants! One has only to water them a modified water.

We managed to find the frequency-activator — explains Dr. Van Forklift. — In water treatment, the frequency of the hydrogen bonds in the structure of the liquid attenuated, and the water goes into the exceptional susceptibility to other sound effects: it is enough to lose a distinctive sound of water (we call these sounds "gidrosignaturnymi imprint") as she immediately acquire new, desired property.

For example, if you want to transfer the heat resistance properties of the water, it affects the sound of crackling fire power to increase morozoperenosimosti — the sound of roaring polar bear. Changes to the water, so deep that and go to the plants watered modified water.

Because water molecules, — says Dr. Van Forklift — are contained in every cell of the plant and determine the rest of his life activity.

The proposed group of "green living" method is very cheap and technologically. For example, to make potatoes resistant to Colorado potato beetle enough water the plant with water treated (as described in the group) enhanced sound emissions beetle from drowning it in a test tube.

Changing the water — change the plant itself — exclaims Dr. Van Forklift. — Moreover, our method is environmentally friendly and non-spending!

The specialists of "Green Life" has already collected several hundred gidrosignaturnyh imprints on different occasions. Among them, the sound of a passing airplane, the singing of the nightingale, the lowing of a cow, the sound of the falling tower crane and splintering mosquito wings. In the near future, scientists led by Dr. Van Forklift begin to adapt their methods to animal husbandry.

26.01.2004 14:24 | NewsInfo

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