Germany: one learns in a dream is better than reality




"Sleep on it" — says a famous proverb. And it turns out she is not only completely untrue, but also has a logical scientific justification. At least, so say researchers at the University of Lübeck (Germany).

The researchers conducted a small experiment, which was attended by 20 volunteers. Each of them offered to remember the sequence of dozens of numbers associated with each different (they were shown to the party as long as he did not remember them). Then half of the study participants suggested sleep for 4-5 hours, and the remaining all the while kept awake. After that, the volunteers were trying to remember the numbers memorized them at the beginning of the experiment.

As researchers found, people had enough sleep remembered series of numbers is much better than not having slept. That is, people who "managed" sleep faster remember the rules by which he proposed was based digital series, so it recovers quickly. And those who, under the conditions of the experiment, could not sleep a few extra hours, just trying to remember the numbers. That, of course, not always obtained.

"It appears that allows you to sleep better remember what happened to the man shortly before him — said in a telephone interview with" Reuters "Dr. Jan Born, head of the study. — In addition, it is possible that in the dream goes on logical analysis of data produced by the brain. other words, the morning of the evening actually wiser — in a dream a man can subconsciously find a solution to a problem that seems insurmountable to him. "

Battery News, 23/01/2004 11:23

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