Girl X-Ray wants to be a doctor




"Komsomolskaya Pravda" Natasha Demkina offered to come to Moscow to her unique gift could check the lights of domestic medicine

On Saturday ("KP" on January 31. G) we talked about the girl from Saransk, which has unique abilities — see through people. On the same day, Natasha and her mother returned to her hometown in England. For information about the arrival of relatives Demkina hide — the family did not want to hype as an appointment to the miracle girl has painted up to 22 March …

— And you will also be checking to arrange? — Falls upon us to Natasha's mother Tatyana.

Of course! The injuries I have no hope that Natasha finds a serious disease, it is not like, so I'm risking health … swallowed a penny. Money is a girl in the stomach X-Ray certainly notice!

It turned out, suffered needlessly.

— I can not see you. My "second sight" appears in the daytime (unfortunately, it was already dark outside. — Ed.) — Natasha said.

— The newspapers say that you are in England and managed to save the man considered his cancer at an early stage?

— It was in the television studio. First I saw one woman through clothing long scar, so she just took off her clothes in the studio and began to show all this seam, it is after the operation she has left. And the doctor, who in a television studio with me talking, I saw in the stomach dirty-white spot. I told him so. Then, on the flight home, our guide got a call on my mobile phone and told the doctor immediately after a conversation with me was examined. They say he had found a cancerous tumor in his stomach. I am the same as everyone — continues to Natasha. — Just seeing a little more. In England, the journalist that I checked, I saw the screws in the bones of the legs and an iron plate in the jaw. The year before our meeting she got in an accident, but I do not know.

— You called a girl X-Ray — you can really shine through people and objects through?

— Of course, no. X-ray and ultrasound beams are sent into the body. And I see the light of the organism. I'd rather not, "x-ray" and "scanner". When I look, no interference with the body does not occur.

— At that resembles the human body?

— Picture, as the ultrasound. Only color. All in pink, but the stomach and digestive system are turned pale, and the heart and lungs brighter. If there is pathology, the color changes appear dirty shades.

— You say you dream of becoming a doctor?

— I will try to finish school with a medal and I will go to university. My gift — this is from God. It can be lost at any moment.

…A few hours before this conversation, grammar school teachers, in which the student Natasha excitedly talked about the merits of his pupil. Active, independent, able-bodied, athlete, a true leader of the class, but not a tyrant, not Zaznayka — the most ordinary girl.

— She looked up and saw me postoperative scar, which could not know. What is the scar? Well, I can not tell you, it's too lichnoeѕ — says math teacher, Tatiana.

But Saransk doctors do not rush to give unambiguous assessment of abilities girls x-ray. The man whom her mother Tatiana introduced himself as perhaps the only specialist who took the liberty to publicly recognize the ability of Natasha, a direct answer left. "Off the record" almost everyone concedes, "Yes, some unusual abilities, the girl is!" On the recorder is equally evasive answer: say, our task is to treat, and not to study the phenomenon.


We are waiting for Natasha!

It turns out that in Russia live about 300 people who have similar abilities

Professor of the Moscow All-Russian Research Center of Traditional Medicine "ENIOM" Doctor of Medicine and Psychology Yakov Galperin:

— These people really are. Our Center along with the newspaper "Pioneer truth" and the magazine "Fire" in 1992, held a seminar in Moscow, which is collected from all over the Soviet Union about fifty children uniques. They were from 4 to 14 years. There were guys that and man, as X-rays, shone through, and saw through the walls, and be anchored to the body different subjects. Together with the experts we studied. For example, if a child is seen in patients with volunteer something like a tumor, the patient is sent for X-ray — and the diagnosis was confirmed!

I remember a case where the 4-year-old little girl on stage to make the diagnosis of Ministry of Health deputy Olga Sharapova. A girl asked to him to bend over, bent over Sharapova, girl whispered something in her ear and took her backstage. It turned out that the girl told her about women's diseases, and of tact not do that in public.

Then we calculated that these unique people in Russia on average born on 1 500 000, that is about today, there should be about three hundred people.

A girl from Saransk to learn medicine to know what kind of hearth disease she sees and clearly make the diagnosis. It may make sessions and on stage — do not be ashamed to earn by helping people. And we would be very pleased if Natasha would agree to come to the examination in our center.


PS Professor Halperin has promised to give us the addresses of children who are in the early '90s were identified unique abilities. In the next issues we will discuss their fate.

Try to imagine

Or is it magic?

The journalist of the newspaper "San" was not the only representative of the literary fraternity, risked to experience the talent Natasha Demkina. The first two years ago became the Saransk correspondent of the newspaper "Ma'am" Svetlana Cheglakova.

…I stood in front of Natasha and felt a sudden strong, not the beat, pounding heart.

— You have a cardiac arrhythmia — immediately identified Natasha. — Although … Maybe the heartbeat only just begun. Still a lot of mucus in the bronchi. Cough?

— Yeah, just recently.

— Cervical osteochondrosis see.

I in fact have long neck hurts to turn.

— Everything else — normal — made the conclusion girl x-ray.

By the way, Natasha claims that they can see the work of bodies at a distance, but only blood relatives. And then he demonstrated this ability. I asked her to "educate" my child, who was not at the reception.

— Enlarged tonsils — again hit the nail Natasha.

— Exactly! — I was surprised. Angina is my daughter, and enlarged tonsils do.

Natasha immediately after the "second sight" became a bad sleep at night, and once woke up screaming, "Mom, I dragged somewhere devils!" Mother, who had not even the icons in the house was holding daughter drove to the monastery. Nightmares ceased. Now Natasha says that, apparently, it then fought the good and evil — deciding black or white magic girl devote herself. Other explanation until she can not find.


And you can see right through someone?

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma:

— And I do not need anyone to see through. Personally, I just look at the eyes, which is known to be a mirror of the soul, to understand what the person in front of me and what's on his mind.

Vladimir Vishnevsky, the poet:

— Through I, alas, I see those who in 2004, holds us, the Russians, for idiots.

Stanislav Belkovsky, a political scientist:

— I see through the oligarchs. I see that they have a slightly enlarged liver and kidneys, determined the structure of the hand, condusive to use grasp reflex, and I see the most common brain and slightly touched the gray matter atrophy. And I do not see anything extraordinary that would allow them to feel themselves masters of our country.

Michael DERZHAVIN, the actor:

— Lately, I see right through you. True, there is unclear, as is approaching retirement age.

Paul KRASHENINNIKOV, chairman of the Duma Committee on Legislation:

— I have these phenomenal abilities that, as x-rays, to see into a person, no. But if a person is lying or being disingenuous, especially in legal matters, I always notice, and it is unpleasant to me.

Daria Dontsovs, writer:

— Excellent see through their husband, son and pugs. Always know what they have in mind, what about the other can not say. For example, in a store or on the market, I think the seller is honest, he is always cheating on me.

Nikolai Kharitonov, the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Agriculture:

— I lived on the sixth form boarding schools, apartments and others have learned to distinguish between the people, not only from a distance, but even through the door. I can not judge them not only by their actions, but also by words, facial expressions and gestures. I know how to distinguish between good and evil, and hard to hide from me.

Svetlana Konegen, presenter:

— See through everyone but themselves.

Alexei Semenov, Rector of the Institute for Advanced Training in Education:

— Sometimes myself in the morning.

In Saransk around "Mordovia Vanga" reigns serious buzz

Student academic Gymnasium. Ogareva 17-year-old Natasha Demkina yesterday was not up to the study. She and earlier in his hometown of passage is not allowed. And now the girl x-ray has become world famous. Local newspapers are published with covers "Mordovia Wang came back from London," the reporters rushing from the house where Natasha lives, to school. And she is at this time the city went with the crew broadcaster BBC BBC.

School director Alexander Galanov believes that the girl should keep: "Tired of it — and so cares a great deal: the 11th class exams are coming!" Though especially Natasha worry about — a girl learns well and finds time for sports.

As for her phenomenal abilities, here, in high school, they never doubted: "Even before the experiments in a London teacher and classmates her gift have experienced, — says Alexander Pavlovich. — What just did not appeal to her: who fractures, whose heart sick, the other kidney and lungs. Yes, that's very recent case: our pupil fell ill, the temperature is below forty. Natasha at a glance that her brain cyst odnokashnitsy! "X-ray confirmed the diagnosis.

According to the director, thank Natasha has not spoiled, "A normal child! No communication problems! "" But it does not happen a little scary because your pupil sees right through you? "" Really! Not at all scary — laughing Alexander Pavlovich. — This is a phenomenon in London, but for us normal deloѕ "


It does not Vanga!

At the end of the 80-ies of the last century in USSR was known a woman who claimed that he could "see" all human diseases — Ludmila Zhukova (about her time writing and "Komsomolskaya Pravda"). She now lives in Kiev. With it meets our correspondent.

Lyudmila Petrovna opened the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and held out his hand over the girl's picture. After a while, followed by a verdict.

— Girl isolated in terms of energy. I tried to see her brain to catch her eye, but alas … Usually emitter of energy — it's the eye on which I can diagnose a person. And then I do not see them. Maybe a bad picture. Or that, in my opinion, more correctly, the girl is in a cocoon of energy. She gained some inner vision due to an emergency situation in her body.

This, of course, the phenomenon. I would like to see the girl herself or to have a good picture of her.

I do not know how long it will last. But to say that she sees Wang, wrong. Wang had never seen the internal organs. Bulgarian healer, for example, a piece of sugar received information and said — it was part of the time and space, of which she was asked a question, and then the voice of what I saw at the time. The girl — completely different. For Natasha to watch and very friendly attitude toward it. And as little as possible to connect to it all sorts of instruments, apparatus, because doing so might hurt her.

Svetlana COUSIN
Sergei Vasiliev. ("KP" — Penza "). Photo by the author.
Svetlana Cheglakova. (Corr. newspaper "Madam" — especially for "KP"). Saransk.
Valentine Zotikov. The newspaper "Madam," specifically for "KP". Saransk.
Svetlana Borisova. February 3, 2004

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