Glock 18 pistol (Austria)

Glock 18, released in 1986, was created based on the model 17 for counterterrorism Special Forces EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) of the Austrian federal police, which required small-sized lung tool with the ability to fire bursts. The main difference from the Glock 17 is the presence of automatic fire, which cut one lever switch firing modes, placed on the surface of the left rear of the bolt shroud.
Glock 18 different sizes in the same frame rails and slide-casing parts trigger and the barrel, which made an exception for interoperability with other models in order to rework the assumptions are not allowed on the civilian market guns pistols absolutely automatic tool.

Glock 18 easy to distinguish, moreover, a protruding beyond the gate-cover the muzzle of the barrel with a hole on top. These openings are built compensator reactive type, which reduces the toss gun for shooting. The model in the bore holes 18C align with the holes in the shutter-like enclosure in the model 17C. The gun can be used as standard magazines for 19 rounds of ammunition, and stores for the model 17. There are also magazines for 31 cartridge. Taking into account the very highest rate of fire, it is better to use particularly for the past because it is one hundred percent equipped with 31 cartridge shop automatically emptied quite a bit less than two seconds. Gun showed tremendous reliability when shooting tests tyschami cartridges automatically.

Pistol Glock 18C

Different companies make him butts and shops with up to 100 rounds of ammunition. Performed as well and adapt to Glock 17 for the conduct of automatic fire. Shooting practice full magazine capacity of 100 rounds with the introduction of the stock showed little effect in the absence of the impact of delays. As during the XX century in various countries have tried to adapt the gun for firing bursts. These samples proved generally poor and this instrument was used later as ordinary self-loading pistols of which only a single shot from a very low accuracy and frisky ammunition expenditure in the automatic mode. As a result, special units prefer to use a sub-machine guns, and not automatic pistols.

In the U.S., Glock 18 delivered only began in 1989, and then only in very small quantities. Despite the huge popularity of other pistols, Glock 18 and Glock 18C did not spread. The premise is a narrow specialization model, regulatory constraints and the highest price. Yet 18 of the model shoot very curious. In practice, even with this the highest rate of fire weapon remains manageable and short range puts a bullet rather heap. With continuous shooting of his hundreds of rounds of ammunition gate-hood and the trunk is very warm themselves, but after Cool Down guns in the cool water, gun continues to run smoothly.

The main properties of the Glock 18 / Glock 18C

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Length of gun: 186 mm
Barrel length: 114 mm
Height of gun: 155 mm
Beam weapons: 30 mm
Weight unloaded: 624/589
Rate of fire: 1200 rounds per minute
Capacity: 17, 19, 31 rounds

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