Google unhappy application process data on accidents

Google unhappy application process data about accidents Facts

Manual Google made a formal comment to the heads of states regarding their delay in providing information about natural disasters to Internet users. The conference «Big Tent» in Japan was a list of countries that supply the online community such data after a long delay, which only hurts the operational work of rescue.

That the service google-map is more useful in cases of natural disasters, and possibly increase the chances of saving many people, it is difficult to refute. But the number of countries that regularly give the data for the timely publication, not so great. So, the city of Tokyo and his administration has received comments on the delayed placement of data on a controversial nuclear disaster in Fukushima and the strong earthquake and the ensuing tsunami.
In turn, the main excuse the government of Japan and other countries have become reluctant to spread panic among the population, when the circumstances of the case of tragedy is not fully understood.
In addition to dissatisfaction regarding the deadline for submission of data, there is one more point — a format for providing information. Many details are not translated into international languages such as English, which does not allow the international scientific community to analyze and quickly provide solutions to the problems. Here and there are problems with the performance of servers, which houses the Chronicle disasters.
Except cards and service "search of personality", launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Google could develop, strengthen and return to help during disasters and their other services, if found support from all the countries where the accident potential. The company has also called for the deployment of information from any, even unknown sources and for training IT-users in the use of available services to a critical point, they did not panic.

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