Ground forces to abandon the «shell». DEFENSE SPECIFICATIONS not staged air defense systems

Ground forces to abandon the
Command of the Army refused to adopt anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK) «Armour-C1.» Complex tests showed that it did not meet the stated requirements. This «News» told a source in the Main Command of the Ground Forces.
— Latest army Ashuluk range tests showed that the technical and combat characteristics ZRPK «Armour-C1» does not meet the requirements of the Land Forces. On this basis, it was decided not to buy these complexes, — he said.
ZRPK «Armour-C1» was developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP)-based air defense complex «Tunguska». His task — to cover part of the air attack in battle and on the march to defend strategic facilities, anti-aircraft missile system to cover the long-range S-300, S-400 and S-500 run. «Armour-C1» and may also affect ground targets — infantry and light armored vehicles.
Defense Ministry previously purchased 10 complexes «Armour-C1 ‘, they all currently distributed teams Aerospace Defense (ASD) to cover S-400» Triumph «. Defense Ministry plans to purchase about 100 more ZRPK «Armour-C1» for ASD teams over the next eight years.
The question of supplying «shell» in the Army open a discussion a couple of years, conducted comparative tests of these complexes and anti-aircraft missiles «Tor-M2» Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey». As told «Izvestia» representative of Russian military-industrial complex, all the tests were not very successful for the «shell.»
— The rocket is not capable of hitting targets maneuvering, the complex itself is massive and not mobile, which is very crucial for the mechanized infantry units, there are questions to electronic database — said, «Izvestia» officer, perfectly familiar with the situation. In addition, he noted that in modern warfare, such complexes are powerless against short-range combat aircraft that storm without entering the zone offense defense systems and helicopters against enemy more effectively use portable anti-aircraft missile systems, and small cannon.
In turn, Deputy General Director Yuri Savenkov Tula KBP said, «Izvestia», which in the main technical features of the complex and combat harsh questions from the Land Forces Command no.
— The main claim of the Main Command of the Ground Forces to the complex is that it is done on a wheeled platform and suhoputchiki wish ZRPK caterpillar — he singled.
According to the manager of the Center for Military Forecasting, Colonel Anatoly Gypsy, despite the trouble, «shell», the Ministry of Defense still have to equip the army units cannon missile defense systems.
— 6 years ago adopted the concept, according to which the Army Air Defense units must be equipped with anti-aircraft missile units as well as cannon. This concept no one has been canceled. Because the Ministry of Defence will have to bring or «Armour-C1» or find zabugornye analogues, which at the moment, — explained Tsiganok.
With all this head analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander explained Hramchihin «Izvestia» that failure to «armor» churn maneuvering targets makes it worthless instrument.
— If the system can not bring down the maneuvering target, means he can not hit the guided munitions. This means that the unit that covers such a complex, will be vulnerable to enemy fire MLRS. Until this problem is resolved, «Armour» for ground units to buy silly Hramchihin said.
Complex «Armour-C1» resettled 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M335. Launch Range — 12 km, the height of the targeted objectives — 8 km. Complex might suggest immediately to 3 missiles. Artillery weapons — two 30-mm automatic cannon 2A72. Single-barrel guns. Fighting module installed on the roof of the body fighting machine. Also includes weapons radar target detection and tracking station targets and missiles. There are also optical channel fire control system. In the body of the combat vehicle operators located guidance and commander.

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