Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013

Guide to Choosing Eco-Gift Guide Gifts 2012-2013

Is it easy to find the perfect gift? If you approach the problem thoroughly, you will find that it does not find that easy. One of the sites that promote the idea of sustainable development has decided to simplify the task of being in search of reflection and created my guide, which contains options for gifts for the upcoming holidays, the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, with an obligatory note "environmentally friendly."

Each of the options with the principle of "less is more" and has the qualities of substance, practical use, wear and durability. And many of them among others have taken up precious space in the home. Here is a list of the most successful gifts that continue to give for many years after the donation:
  1. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For lovers of design frills
  2. Guide to Eco-Gifts: Gourmet
  3. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For a healthy lifestyle guru
  4. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For lovers of needlework
  5. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For a 100%-s conservationists
  6. Guide to Eco-Gifts: Children
  7. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For fashionistas and fashionistas
  8. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For fans of pop culture
  9. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For animal lovers
  10. Guide to Eco-Gifts: For the traveler

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