Gun 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, the theme of Rook)

Gun 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, the theme of "Rook")

Gun Army 6P35. In 1993, Grau specifies requirements for newcomer arms. From now on, the decision to develop a new army pistol Russian 9x 19mm cartridge, then received index 7N21.

This cartridge made in the dimensions of a standard pistol cartridge NATO 9x 19mm. pistol., but all this has a huge capacity, penetration and lethality. According to the plan of the customer, it can be used as needed with the shooting of the new Russian pistol bullets NATO. In addition, such a solution would deliver a new gun for export to the country, usually using NATO pistol cartridges.

At the current time, the most widespread in the world, received two automatic pistols scheme. Automatic blowback and motionless barrel is used, usually only in the arms of a low-power cartridges. An example of this. Russian PM. Higher capacity cartridges require the use of the scheme of automation with moving barrel adherent before firing the shutter. In fact, it's almost all pistols chambered. Pistol. and even more massive. This design with the highest reliability of the whole system can reduce somewhat the weight of the gate and the impact of the recoil of the weapon. But this scheme has its flaws.

Gun 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, the theme of "Rook")

Specialists from TsNIITochmash, known for its innovative solutions in the development of new tools, and then went to his method. Constructors gun 6P35 TsNIITochmash, Peter Serdyukov and Igor Belyaev thoroughly investigated zabugornye technological simplification gun by eliminating hammer impact mechanism and the production of the pistol frame molding plastic. But such was not the path as appropriate. For the creation of self-loading pistol, which has a small mass, but a powerful patron, was developed shutter, consisting of 2-principal parts. In fact, the valve body and combat the larvae between a spring-loaded. With all this military larva is able to longitudinal movement relative to the valve body.

This design, by the way, when applied to the gun for the first time in the world to spread the time allowed one hit cumbersome shutter about limiting the scope of the latter in the rear position for two successive hit parts at the lowest masses. In the proposed scheme hit the valve body on the frame is applied just as the arrow in a hand up first strike larvae of the projection box starts to move back and, as the shooter feels the least load on the hand. It is also possible to reduce the weight and dimensions of the gun.

Gun 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, the theme of "Rook")

All of the gun have a streamlined shape, which reduces the possibility of linking it for items of equipment when removing. Frame gun and is 2-principal parts. iron armature, which is a power shell construction and plastic pistol handle formed from the trigger guard. In fitting pressed the barrel with six right-hand rifling. Pen is used for the production of durable plastmassa.armamid (substitute nylon, the creation of which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it remains in the Ukraine). The handle has a large notch. Lock and Load Frame is made of plastic not only reduces labor costs by creating tools, and allows you to make the gun easier.

Housing the gate is made of welded 2-stamped parts box shape. Unlike conventional technology locks guns from iron forging or casting with clear details next machining related, in the main, with drilling and milling, the solution significantly lowered the cost of production and labor-intensive tools. In the rear of the bolt has a large notch, comfortable for him
capture and disposal of the gate in the rear position. The window for the extraction of spent cartridges made with bolshennymi bevels on the sides of the hole. This form of the valve body prevents the ingress of mud inside the gun.

The trigger gun. trigger, double action. As in other similar designs, it provides a first shot DA mode. But for this trigger should be put on the preparatory squad (which, in general, completely harmless for the shooter and did not actually upsets the mainspring). Twisted action spring is in the trigger.
Trigger pull is 1,5.2,5 kg,
and DA mode when shooting. 4.6,5 kg.

Protection from accidental discharge is 2 automatic fuses. Some of them are located on the rear of the pistol handle and blocks the sear, second. on the trigger, it covers the trigger. Extraction of the sleeve is a spring-loaded rotating ejector mounted in the larva of the gate. Placing a kicker inside the valve body prevents mud in it and the emergence of delay. Reflection liner is provided a reflector disposed in the frame. On the frame there are two stops for braking larvae. Inhibition of the valve body is the result of its impact on the rack frame, which is fixed to the barrel.

The sighting device consists of a motionless rear sight and front sight, located on the valve body. To bring a gun to a normal combat used set of pillars of different heights. Aiming at different range of point of aim is the removal of the height. For ease of aiming at targets on a dark dorsal surfaces of the rear sight and front sight marked white stripes. In order to avoid glare on the upper flat surface of the gate, between the front sight and a fully executed guilloche.

Filing cartridges made from detachable 18-round magazine with a two-way two-row feed cartridges. Removing the magazine is done by pressing the stop button, located behind the trigger guard. Removing the store easier feeder spring that pushes it out of the pen. The button can, when necessary, without the help of other swap for right or left hand.

The main technical-level properties:
Length: 206 mm
barrel 130 mm
Practical rate of 36 rds / min
Weight with empty magazine 900g
Magazine capacity 18 rounds
The initial velocity 460 m / c

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