Gun Mitrailleuse / Le Gaulois

In the late XIX — early XX century eyes on the weapon of self-defense were somewhat different from those for the moment. If the presently relatively small gun can be used right up to the caliber of ammunition in 45 hundredths of an inch, then the small-sized instrument for the protection was compact in everything, including ammunition. Simple devices, weaker ammunition — like this can be briefly described instrument is positioned as a pocket gun. Separate branch in this all took so called gun-expanders, in other words an instrument in which the expense of hand muscle strength occurred and supply of ammunition, and a platoon of the trigger. One of the most famous pistols expanders is Mitrailleuse or Le Gaulois, which we briefly introduce ourselves in this article.

Itself to the gun itself was like a cigarette case sticking out of his trunk, and a cigarette case, it could be confused, if not the size of guns, which allowed almost hide it in her hands arrow. Ate this gun 8 mm caliber bullets, but the caliber — not an indicator of power weapons, in this case referred to in the best case of fifty Joules. Located in the non-removable cartridges store, recharged by one through the window to eject spent cartridges. One of the noticeable things was that the gun was even blown. Thus, the left side is the switch by means of which it was possible to fix the back of the movable part of the gun, in other words make it not dangerous to wear, unlock tool or take off the cover for the service.

The principle of the pistol offense was really very ordinary. Before chambered always housed one of the cartridges, while squeezing the gun there is a shift back of the frame of the gun, which was pushing the shutter, which, in turn, immediately inserted cartridge in the chamber and cocked, having reached the last point, there is a failure of the mainspring, hit the rim and, as a consequence, the shot. With the weakening grip bolt guns vorachivalsya to its original position, extracting and ejecting the spent case it up. For subsequent shots just needed to squeeze the gun again.

It is natural that a similar gun sought some skill of the shooter. For example, a very leisurely weakening grip could lead to jamming of the cartridge cases, and a very sharp pressure on the back of the frame could be a precursor utykaniya patron. In addition, the gun had no precision, because there has been a smooth trunk, although in fact it was, and accuracy is not required. Separately, it should be noted this dilemma, as the quality of the ammunition for the gun. Despite the fact that these cartridges cost mere pennies, fans get to save more than a cheap, resulting in the gun store accumulated unburned gunpowder, and if greed get along with slovenliness, then at some point, this powder could catch fire, however, for the existence always there were only two choices of ignition. But if you look, the owners themselves are guilty, because at least some tool, even the most ordinary, asks for a painstaking care.

In general, this gun considered vsepolnotsennym means of self is impossible. First, the reason for that — weak ammo, the second — the fact that when you click on the moving back of the trunk box in any case will go away from the aiming point, even if small pressing force. Yet, the popularity of the data used guns sufficiently high, and this despite the fact that at that time were already fully real guns, similar in design to modern and more efficient use of ammunition. But, apparently, was then a fashion.

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