Gun under hairpin cartridge system Yarr (Harmonic)

This sword … with a gun — very a rare model of combined tools, the patent for which was received by the Belgian company «Henri Goossens & Fils» («Henri Goossens and Sons") around 1865.

In the middle of other recognizable samples of this kind of weapon, this model has a unique mechanism of assembling the gun and, in particular, a conventional but effective scheme of simultaneous removal of the trigger, locking the shutter release of the drum door and unlock it. Despite the availability of integrated handle and partly protruding from her gun parts (hammer, trigger) itself handle very ergonomic.

Displaced forward by respect. to the axis of the blade and the bore axis, the axis of the handle allows you to comfortably hold the owner of saber tool when shooting, but the balance of cool guns with all this little worse. Attention is drawn to the precision of the fit of parts, the gun and the highest level of the decoration on the blade.

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