Guns of — a professional outlook

In the near future around snub guns is a lot of discussion. Someone is unhappy with the fact that in the modern Russian army is not enough new models, some abuses of old standards for their out-of-date, someone on the contrary, their praises.

Press stirs enthusiasm for korotkostvolu by publishing in the pages of glossy magazines countless photos of modern western pistols lucrative angles, from which many of our fellow citizens appears painful sense of inferiority and backwardness of Russian weapons in all ways.

I hate when normal people lie slips in a beautiful package, and many are too lazy to wider and deeper to find out the history of their own guns, and so in this article I will try to reflect the current state of affairs concerning korotkostvola in the Russian Army and special structures.

So — a military pistol. Revolver and TT omitted. Long and another story.

Let's start with the Makarov pistol

Otshumela second global war. War began cool and tough confrontation USSR West. Immediately after the Second World War began preparations for the re-issue of the Russian army with new standards of small guns.

The experience of war, and he carefully studied in the period showed a very insignificance of the role of the gun in combat infantry units. Do not confuse the only combat use of the operational implementation c gun in the NKVD — MGB — GRU-Counterintelligence. Gun unconditionally supported his right to be a really personal weapon of self-defense and attack to investigators, officers of infantry, tank crews, pilots, naval officers. But "the weather," he did not. By the end of the Second World War theory prevailed massive automatic fire small units and gun it did not fit.

In 1945, the GAC were determined performance characteristics of a new pistol competition in the kerf and the best gunsmiths of the USSR. The gun was planned to do chambered 7.62 or below 7.65 X17 Browning or a new 9 mm cartridge, developed by designer B.V.Seminym. New ammo have a very small capacity, but the best stopping power, since 7,62 CT was available for so-called sewing effect when the bullet, having a great initial speed, punched myagenkie tissues of the body, and the man in the heat of battle you do not even notice it. Demand that one hit guaranteed infuriated opponents of the regime. Because, in the end, the management of Defense has suspended its own choice on the 9mm cartridge.

The lowest powder charge has permitted to do automatic pistol under the scheme of free slide. This allowed Makarova to simplify the overall scheme of instruments to reduce its weight compared with the TT 130, the same has been reduced and the overall length. We must honestly say that in making the PM by many indicators as to the accuracy, accuracy, effort on the trigger and the rest, had to be sacrificed for the sake of the cerebral index, which is achieved by military engineers — reliability.

On the ground tests pistols were sadistic tests, which are quite sustained only the PM. In this competition, except Makarov involved eight other Russian designers and, according to various sources, between 5 and 15 foreign-made pistols. Since this gun was planned to equip the personnel of the Interior Ministry and State Security, the person on trial was itself LP Beria.

Makarov pistol under the symbol TM are brought into service in 1951, although the PM-volume batch produced since 1949.

How bad did the PM and how it is bad for some? Makarov made a truly ingenious design using a locking scheme Walter, simple and reliable, in addition, they created a unique trigger double act, the ability to complete disassembly of the criteria in the field, advanced chamber allows the gate without problems utykaniya and skew shall be sent and retrieved quite stumpy cartridge. The function allows you to fuse, not counting all, is not dangerous to remove a loaded gun with cocking. Function, by the way, is available only on a couple — three of Western models, and even then only introduced in the 70 — 80 years.

Parts of the gun posted that does not allow mud and varnish build up and clog them. A brilliant and very slicked trunk contours, which is very important when operational use, does not cling to clothes, do not hurt your hands when you use and dismantling. A stunning, other-wordly life — up to 50,000 shots. Admittedly this is only pistols made in the period from 1955 to the early 70 — s. years. From 80 — 90 -'s PM and PMM produced very poor properties.

The gun manufactured high-quality, fully-date for long field, sea and operational holster. Of early were of canvas upper, then — leather. I would also add that the PM is very playful gun. He is simultaneously driven into the firing position. Can not dangerous to wear with a cartridge in the barrel and removed the safety. Izderzhat necessary time and learn how to do the first sighting shot DA mode then the rest is not so difficult. My record rate — 4 target at 180 degrees every two bullets in the recovery and first shot DA mode for 2.1 seconds. Shop TM can be shot for 1 — 1.2 sec. Beheld such focus!

On the range — shot from the PM at 100 m over a bottle of Pepsi. Three bullets hit two. But this is just a sample of abilities gun. Smooth handle the PM can shoot intuitively on the chest of the target up to 15 m sure hit, but from a distance "point-blank" and up to 5 — 7 meters PM in general do not need to raise. You can put all the bullets from his feet.

What in Makarov "bad"? Many users, especially athletes complain about the heavy trigger pull. After sporting guns — of course, hard. But not fatal. To combat the standard at the time. Without DA mode trigger pull 2.0 to 2.1 kg is perfectly acceptable for the average person. DA mode to 4.3 kg, but if someone shot DA mode of Nagant he would agree with me that the DA mode PM is a feather. magazine catch out-of-date, there is.

A small amount of ammunition. (In the model, PMM, this problem is partly solved). Here I agree halfway Multiply guns and equipped with a huge number of shops, as at present stylish in the West, have not led to an increase in hit shooter. This piece is still a product. You bet on a massive fire, not accuracy. As the cowboys to run wild West: Do not hit a 6, and you will not get to June 30.

Makarov to shoot from 50 meters is possible only on the dispute. In a combat situation is stupid, 25 meters — this is a shot of desperation. Excellent use Makarov better at a distance from the "point-blank" and up to 15 meters so that exactly corresponds to the PM stated in tamper appointments and fighting properties and by its essence is a personal weapon of attack and defense, created to engage the enemy at short distances.

Generally, the main opposition group to the PM, as I see it, or are athletes or people who are a little hard to deal with this gun or do not keep it in his hands. This is facilitated by a huge number of social and political causes. In the time of admission to the Russian fighting weapon in general was very limited, and the bullet shooting was carried out melkashki and Margolin. In the army uniform training pistol shooting reincarnated nainteresneyshey part of combat training in the routine function carried out twice a year before the checks. Following the restructuring, nothing has changed. An old footage remained in place! And with them, and the former relation to fire training.

Now on the MTA

Stechkin automatic pistol is also a masterpiece of design ideas. First, it must be said that the true period in the world and there are 5 models of this mission. A Stec
hkin was created in the 40 — s! APS was accepted into service, along with the PM and the AK 47 as a set of "patron — a weapon." It should be remembered that for the Unification of ammunition and small arms of the USSR, at one time far ahead of all countries of the world.

According to NSD — APS is also a massive personal weapon, in which mixed martial characteristics of the gun and the gun — the gun. It was created to equip officers taking a specific role in the fighting, as well as sergeants and some special fighter units. In my opinion, everything is short and clear. On acceptance APSA also was Beria. The gun went and the bodies of the Year.

About the MTA currently being written much, because I will not be repeated, but I will say only a few words of his own. In my opinion, the MTA should not create automatic. Of course, at that time it was a revolutionary decision, joke to tell the officers such a large and powerful army armed with modern automatic pistols. Yes, in the world, no one dreamed of this! But time puts everything in its place. If the MTA was a non-automatic, that would be great, multiply charged pistol, a little more than a Colt or High Power. Would not have to create a massive wood holster. Walk, and even more to run and overcome obstacles to that one holster torment. Rapidly bring the gun into firing position with a holster unrealistic. Shoot bursts or at a distance of 100 m and 200? Well, it's a very rare situation. It remains an ordinary pistol range and the use of a gun in his purpose — to defend themselves.

Instead, one would cut a comfortable leather holster on the type of modern holsters PMM, where a pocket for the store brought forward, in place of a ramrod — wiping. Then holster would reasonably flat. And it is possible and generally without pockets, because leather case for four stores and as provided for by the MTA.

Leather holster and decently looked at the field and everyday outfit officer: belt with shoulder strap and a field bag. I will make the objection that later appeared silent model — APB, in a leather holster with a framework butt. Yes there was, but as a compulsory measure at least some — then use canned APSov. And again the same … From silent queues APB also does not hurt that often shoot. In the holster to the APB and pushed the stock and silencer and left it horrible. The main characteristics in the MTA, even today are actually the characteristics of combat pistols Western armies. Barrel length 140 mm to disperse low-power cartridge 9 X 18 to the applicable speed of 340 m / s. For comparison at the pistols chambered for 9 X19 Luger initial velocity 350 -365 ms.

Shop for 20 rounds — fully sovremenenno. From the MTA can shoot single shots like the one, and with the 2-hands, as now stylish. Manufacturers Show in the near future sets of field gear, made of synthetic fabric holsters for the MTA, fitted for attachment to belt or parts of equipment. It is a pity that this is not already.

Disadvantages: the shop across the bottom latch handles, recharge requests skill and time. The upper rear portion of the handle where the gun is held with a fork and a huge index finger widish and lining have no rounding. Hence, remain the only grip that occasionally distract from the tasks. Fuse away from the thumb and they are not as comfortable to manipulate, like, say, on the PM. Shooting at 100, and even more so in the 200 meters — the theme of a fictional. Apparently equated to Mauser. Say, we are not worse. I do not know the 1st option when it is one — is really needed. Is that going to attack the Horde of Genghis — Khan. Either by Indian war elephants.

Otherwise, the MTA beautiful gun. Following the tradition of Russian gunsmiths, he is also fully assembled and disassembled in the field criteria. Due to the weight of the shutter speed and the length of his shot from the MTA is very Myagenko. Comfortable aiming. Sighting line is very big. Very comfortable fit out shops. In fact, in spite of. Again, as the MTA has a very sleek hull lines, comfortable in the appeal, does not cling to the odezhku during removal. The pistol has a beautiful black finish and aesthetically perfect!

GS -18 Gryazev designers and Shipunova, IL Yarigina design and construction Serdyukov SPS

In 2003, according to the results of the contest on the theme "Rook" by RF Government Decree number 166 on arms made pistols: GS -18 Gryazev designers and Shipunova, IL Yarigina design and construction of the PCA Serdyukov. About these pistols deserves mention as they were developed under the a new type of ammunition. GSH -18 and IL chambered for 9 x19 Luger 7N21 — a stronger version of this cartridge. SFOR under a unique new ammunition 9 x21 (7N29).

The emergence in the west of the latest generation of equipment infantryman, where discharge was integrated body armor, and many details of equipment and weapons fighters were not attached to your belt, and webbed, creating obstacles for bullets, urged designers to appeal to a massive munitions and as a consequence to newest design automation pistols. All three pistols modern double row stores in 15 -18 rounds. All of these guns are automatic, based on the principle of non-long course of the barrel. Locking latches store is located at the base of the trigger guard as in most modern pistols.

At PYA and ATP trigger double act on GS-18 USM similar to the Austrian Glock striker type. In addition, at the GS-18 is rotating barrel locking trunk at 18 degrees. The barrel is placed 12 lugs. These freaks do not give a GS-18 to become vsepolnotsennym gun, so he has a lot of childhood illnesses and their healing is delayed. The creators of guns wish to have their say in the design of tools, but it's not perfect design. GS-18 constant participant of international arms salons, but the matter is not.

The manufacturers claim that if it is launched in a series, it will be cheaper than the PM. I do not know … In 2005, I shot out of GSH in one suburban shooting range. None of the three guns did not shoot well, even the 1st store. So the outlook for GSH sformirovyvaetsya early.

PYA 6P35— Yarygin pistol. This was more lucky. He went to mass production, which contributed to his many international certification as a mass sport pistol. For the army PYA done with an iron frame, for export (Viking MP-644), with a polymer. There are minor differences, but they are not fundamentally. Beginning in 2004, I had to shoot a lot of shooting this gun for courses, and later I got a personal copy for yourself.

Pros: Very comfortable grip. Do not even know what and compare. The gun sits almost in hand. Comfortable sights. Very interesting mechanics made the trigger. Excludes sdergivanie. Descent even the DA mode, despite the huge effort (7 kg!), Very smooth. Pistol clear. Barrel weighted like a sports Colts. Do not throw up. Again, as I shot at the event from their own Viking par with all the foreigners. Shop for 17 rounds. Oboestoronny fuse. Removing the store comfortable.

Flaws. The first models sleeve ekstraktirovalas straight upwards, as if to SCB and shoot from the breast or lower, then flew right on his forehead. Very frustrating. Extractor later shifted to the right. Safety lever is very small and tight. Horizontal incisions cut fingers. We have to plaster mold. Overall finish is very rough. A lot of details need to grind. Sponges store is not processed. Cut fingers just so. Cov
ers made of stores brittle plastic. Split in the first same day. I had to sharpen duralumin. Teflon coating starts to peel off the gate in the first month of use. Holster for PCOS, it seems, do not even envisaged. Do not beheld anywhere.

PCA. Or "Vector" or "Gyurza" for the export version. Modern powerful military pistol last generation. Rival it may be perhaps that the Belgian Five — Seven. The gun has a number of patented innovations. Locking system, the so-called focus revertible spring, which allows us to exclude the design podstvol'nyy rod with revertible spring as TT, Colt, IL and wear spring directly on the barrel, as the PM and the MTA. The new munition that is designed under the SPS — 9 X 21 mm. Very powerful. 100 m breaks 4-mm iron plate.

The good points. A very comfortable in the hand. Suddenly, a light trigger. Only 1.5 kg. Beats only just, despite the powerful patron. The bodies of aiming high, as Glock. According to the stories that gun arose in Chechnya.

Flaws. Fuse rear of the pistol handle. As an ultrasound. For what it's there for? It is not clear! When malehankih hand or in an emergency can be nedodavlen and the shot is not going to happen. And again the same low culture of the assembly and production. Cartridge for PCA is a rare curiosity to shoot out of it, and his heart's content, so it was not possible to feel the gun, according to my inquiries, no. Two shops for combat and fairly.

PSM. Gun created in the late 70s under a unique 5,45. Regardless of the standard automation, based on the free gate, the gun is an extremely unusual design. If you analyze, you wonder how the designers were able to build the mechanism in such a small space. Width 1.8 cm gun Despite the small size pistol evil. The initial velocity 315 m / s, the bullet has a metal core and in self-defense is very comfortable, inconspicuous weapon. More suitable for the rapid wear and implementation. Use it like a gun is not an army officer.

Pistol, following the Russian tradition, absolutely and quickly assembled a knockout and a screwdriver. The truth is not so simple as the PM and the MTA. Obmyslennoy and well-made holster has not. Established very awkward and straholyudnaya. At the current time, people enjoy self-made or handicraft cooperative production, produced for gas analogue PSM — Iceberg.

Since the late 80s JMP has a stylish grant award, it began to produce a beautiful box, with wood cheeks and so on. But the quality of these pistols no. PSM is at a mental defect, which I have heard of people apply the PSM in a real situation. This gun can not be frightened. He was not taken seriously because of the size. Everyone who took out the PSM in order to have a psychological effect on the enemy had to open fire, as the "client" of his niskolechko not afraid and continued to emphasize.

So the true time in service of the Russian Army officially are already 6 pistols and their modifications. And that's not counting the arsenal of special instruments and noiseless. All the standards of the Russian! production.

Majestic America have not been able to give their own army for 100 years, not counting zadolbalas Colt, and the end of the 70-ies of the last century South American army armed with only European pistols: Beretta, Sig Sauer, Heckler Koch.

Russian sin to complain! God forbid, that would be available in service standards have been mastered properly. Another overriding aspect of this question — fire preparation, ie as in Russia now raised the question with training pistol shooting. I will not comment on anything. It's a different story-avsem and to the "hardware" of the case has not.

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