Guns of Taurus Millennium series

Given the enthusiasm for guns of the Taurus, judging by the comments to previous articles about them, I would venture to continue to advertise their free tool, well, suddenly the manufacturer and see if you do not pay, then at least something of their own products give. Previously, it was purely a weapon that is issued with the permission of the other manufacturers, but now will be discussed on a purely Brazilian guns, in other words not only produced at the company's plants, and developed by the designers of the country, "where lots and lots of monkeys run wild." It does not go back on a particular gun, but a family of tools for different ammunition.

So, to familiarize you wish to offer for pistols series Millennium, which are presented with 2 standards RT 140 and RT 157. Those who have read the previous articles, one name has figured out what kind of ammunition used in these pistols, but to explain all it is worth. PT 140 uses cartridges .40 S & W, and the TA 157 is designed for my beloved ammunition .357 SIG. The rest of the guns are similar to one hundred percent of each other. I will say even more. Because the .357 SIG cartridge created on the base of cartridge case .40 S & W, the only difference between the one with 2 standards is solely in the trunk, everything else is exactly similar to a micron, well, except that about the difference in labeling guns forgot to mention. Just need to dispel any speculation that because of its identity powered pistol ammunition caliber of the smallest of the least reliable and durable because in spite of the smallest caliber cartridges, these have tremendous power than the forty. Such doubts can be used for weapons, which is adapted from a .40 caliber .357 by normal substitution trunk, without taking the trouble to strengthen the instruments of the other nodes, but in this case a gun, however, was initially created by a massive munitions, and only later by the substitution of the barrel was adapted for the larger. In other words option chambered .40 S & W even has extra strength in store. Although this parameter is never over. In general, the tool is designed to fit your ammo.

Pistols, first, provided as a personal weapon for self-defense, because to begin with a review of the need for concrete weight and dimensions of the gun, because they are especially important for such tools, though every day carry a different sense from that in which the gun is not in the right time. Despite these pistols, you realize that there are still smart people on our planet, and well, they are also in the middle of gunsmiths. Finally, you can shamelessly say, pointing the finger at the gun that he's perfect balance between compactness, efficiency and ease of use. In general, I'm exaggerating here quite a bit, of course, there are similar standards in other manufacturers, but because there is a small-sized instrument under .357 SIG, then I'm only at the thought that in some places the gun is, and it is out of reach for me, blows completely roof. The total length for both guns is 155 millimeters, with the inserted magazine height guns equals 130 millimeters, in other words we can talk about the usual amount of grip the gun for what it is safe to keep the gun, and not try to hold on with 2 fingers. The thickness is 28 mm gun, which, though not an absolute minimum, but it is completely acceptable, given that the very protrusions management tool has not. Weight same gun is only 530 grams, obviously, without cartridges. So Makar, we can say that the instrument is, of course, is not representative of the models that you can cram into the back pocket of tight jeans, but in the pocket jacket or nestled in a holster for carrying such a gun is very comfortable, although the weight of the instrument will increase when the store will ammo, because in both cases, gun magazine capacity is 10 rounds. Let's try to count the actual weight of the guns with ammunition. So, .357 SIG cartridges can equip oneself with bullets weighing 7.45, 8.1 and 9.5 grams, which is the weight of the cartridge as 16.95, 17.6 and 19 grams, respectively, regardless of the weight of the gun-type weapons would be 699 , 5 grams, 706 grams and 720 grams. Ammo .40 S & W value will also not the only one, because there are variants of vserasprostranennyh with 2 types of bullets, which differ in weight with a bullet weight of 10.69 grams and a bullet weighing 11.66 grams, respectively, with a mass of 20.19 grams cartridges and 21.16 grams. Thus, the weight of the gun will be, or 731.9 grams, or 741.6 grams. Obviously, the options are "all in a bunch of" do not consider. Here's the real weight of such weapons when worn, but it still remains within the boundaries of reasonable and will not create a nuisance.

As noted above, tool has a very pro-management parts of its size, but for all that they are comfortable enough to switch. First memory of the switch fuse is not the best, well, the second well. Element is placed not completely comfortable, but do not forget that we have before us is not a full-sized pistol, and the baby, made to protect. Alternatively prepyadstviya with switching solutions that element — is to carry a gun without a cartridge in the chamber and with a disabled fuse. The shutter-release delay faster than the critical situation to mess with the little lever. Despite its rather huge magazine capacity, tool has a slide stop. It is hard to imagine a situation where 10 rounds in self-defense may not be enough, but if it came out and still have one store, then change it will not be difficult, because the slide stop button located just below the thumb second hand holding an instrument. By the way, on the second hand. Because gun fairly easy, and the cartridges used in it are the same as in the "adult" models, it is more convenient to conduct fire holding gun with 2 hands. Specifically for such withholding pistol designed all of the controls tool, and safety bracket is in front of the deflection for the index finger. Sensitive buttons on the slide stop is located next switch, its purpose — dismantling the gun. Button to retrieve the store is located on the hilt of the gun immediately after the place where the safety bracket adjacent to the hilt. Accommodation and tight course of this button makes it impracticable pressing it accidentally, and accordingly, will not be unplanned fall-out store. Due to compact design, all controls are placed only on the left side of guns and not duplicated on the right, which should disappoint those who have left the main hand. On the left hand is only one element — the locking clasp, which Taurus sets the company on all their pistols and revolvers. The purpose of this device is "locked" guns in the truest sense of the word. Performed this procedure a special key, and in theory should protect gun from encroachment of outsiders. The device in certain situations really very useful, but read that it can provide protection from that instrument can not take advantage of someone else. In the end, there are no locks resistant to manipulation, and this small version of the standard in general can open the clasp.

Separately is to tell about the iron sights of the gun. Certainly, from the inception of the laser pointer is debate, it's not a bad addition to the weapon or not. Some people justify their case that if gun equipped with a laser pointer, the procedure aiming takes much less time, well, when mining capabilities appeal to a tool useful to look at the spot of the laser pointer as a tool deviates from the target while pressing the trigger. Others say that the laser pointer — the evi
l, because people only focused on him, and he can not refuse at the worst possible moment. Initially, the design of these pistols planned to install an integrated laser pointer, but the idea was dropped from the judgment of the continuing low price guns. Do not have a gun, and the landing site for additional devices because of its small size. But the open sights are installed on the shell-gate with seats of the "dovetail" and can be changed to be more comfortable for the shooter. The standard version of the same sights — this is a traditional rear sight and front sight, which are printed svetonakoplyayuschie point, which simplifies the management of fire in the criteria is not enough light. True, there are only two, one on the rear sight in the center, the second to be shot, but for self-defense, and this is quite enough, because the distance is the introduction of guns is usually only a few meters, but did not get there without even sighting devices can perhaps that our football. Based on the above, one can conclude that this tool is really very comfortable in the appeal, is not perfect, of course, but to pay for the size of one way or another need, without that, unfortunately, does any firearm or somewhere More.

For sure, it will be important for many and a mention of what makes this gun. Plastic frame pistol is made of impact-resistant polymer shell-iron gate moves on rails that are sealed in box guns. Unfortunately, the design tools and the desire to make available a tool manufacturer was forced to make these guides are very small, which leads to a gradual loosening of the housing-bolt and, consequently, a decrease in the accuracy of the gun. But this does not mean that gun bad, do not forget that it was created for self-defense, and means must shoot occasionally. Therefore it is necessary to draw correct conclusions about this fact and decide that a gun is not suitable for regular shooting drill. Although, in fact, the cost for these guns is not the highest, so that it is permissible to be treated as expendable, obviously if you have money. The housing-bolt pistol may be available in several versions. Thus, the main options are the housing-bolt burnished and options of stainless steel. In this case, both versions pretty well in tune with the frame and the appearance of the gun is quite pleasant. In general, the appearance of the instrument is very cautious and for the gun hunt to look after and take care that the "plus".

Automation tools built on the scheme with little recoil, when locking the barrel through the clutch projection above the cartridge chamber and a window to eject spent cartridges. It works on all subsequent lines. In its own normal state, a state of rest, the projection of the cartridge chamber goes out the window to eject spent cartridges that firmly locks the barrel. Powder gases push the bullet shot forward and put pressure on the Donets sleeve, but it happens at a time as long as the bullet travels down the barrel, so the word "crush" here is not entirely appropriate, faster "hit." This impulse tries to push the pocket from the chamber, but in a sleeve-valve casing, which is transmitted and the momentum. The housing shutter, being linked with the barrel starts to move back, luring over a trunk and he pulled his long and stubbornly, if a cartridge chamber there was no tide, in which is cut shaped neckline. In this cutout motionless threaded pin which is framed guns. Thus, moving back, one of the surfaces of the trunk recess figure abuts against the pin motionless, which lowers the breech of the gun barrel, and as should exit window for engagement with the eject spent cartridges in the casing-gate. Gun barrel stops all the same pin, threaded into the cut-outs and fortified motionless in the box guns and guard-gate continues to move backwards. When going back cover-revertible gate compresses the spring and remove the spent case from the chamber, throwing it through the vacant window to eject spent cartridges. After the cover-gate comes back to the last point, it begins to move in the direction of working, with all this, it extracts the new cartridge from the magazine, insert it into the chamber and abuts the breech of the barrel, pushing him forward. With all of this under the chambered back interact motionless pin and cut-outs at high tide, but this time it does not lead to a lowering of the breech, on the contrary, to raise it. So Makarov, in the front end point cartridge placed in the chamber and the barrel is locked by the clutch projection above the cartridge chamber and the ejection of spent cartridges.

More carefully to tell about labeling guns, because usually this the company Taurus prepyadstviya, but in this case, all true and corresponds to reality. Thus, the instrument is designated with 2 signs pointing to the fact that it is a gun and that the gun is of Taurus — PT. The last two numbers three digits indicate the model of gun used cartridge, but this was higher, but then again, are shaped as letters. The options are slightly, or is it Latin font in nature, which means that cover-bolt gun is made of steel and blued with a blue tint, and as may be two bukovkoy SS, indicating that the housing-bolt material is stainless steel. There may also be additional Latin shaped as letters P, which points to the guns belonging to the series of PRO, but it differs from the standard model, to tell you to say, I did not realize, though rummaged through a bunch of disk imaging.

When this tool has just appeared on the market, the consumer took it with great modicum of skepticism, because almost all of these guns did not suit most people. But that's what I enjoy the company of Taurus, so it's a fact that it reacts immediately to the wishes and sentiments of consumers, well, actually, it is not surprisingly, because people are earning money. Thus, in the process of adding, corrections, enhancements, tools for the average buyer requests an instrument is in the 3 generations. First generation described above. 2nd generation pistols differed from the first in that form has been changed beyond the gun, the individual elements of the valve casing, also controls the instrument, everything else is left untouched, in other words at first improved the ergonomics. But this was not enough, the people craved more profound modernization, not bread and circuses. And the upgrade was performed. The most important feature of the tool is that its trigger mechanism has a double and a simple act, when previously it was only a double act, in other words, the firing was perhaps only samozvodom. Maybe someone would use such a silly type of trigger mechanism in the weapon that has no trigger, besides not having the ability to non-dangerous descent, and that a more reasonable approach would be to use a simple trigger actions, because one way or another, so that a cartridge in hand in these chamber is necessary to delay the gate and let him go, and the means and the cock the mainspring. In general, if you've thought, I'm in this matter with you one hundred percent agree. But the citizens of the United States, and specifically they are the main buyers of the Taurus guns, know better, we should at least have a tool at the hands of a few centuries, the need to understand the aspects, I think.

These are noteworthy here is two pistols company Taurus offers for self-defense law-abiding citizens. Let this tool does not possess outstanding precision, has no capacity to store 20 rounds, can not withstand hundreds of thousands of shots, but it is a tiny, easy and efficient.

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