Haykui typhoon has hit China

Haykui typhoon struck the China Natural Disasters

Three people died and seven were injured after the third week typhoon Haykui paced the eastern Chinese province. Brunt Zheytszyan province south of Shanghai, where the pre-evacuated nearly 2 million people. In the neighboring province of Anhui underwent evacuation 26,000 people.

Rain and wind destroyed 4.4 thousand homes destroyed 185,000 hectares of crops. Damage caused to the elements, is valued at more than $ 1.5 billion in nearly 400 thousands of homes lost electricity. In one village, caught by surprise element group of tourists who had to drink rainwater. they could not leave the place of the ill-fated, as all the roads turned into rivers. Stopped work for a day International Airport Hanzhou.

Typhoon practically raised in Shanghai, but there all the time of the act Haykui highest risk code, more than 700 flights in two city airports were canceled, as well as long-distance train routes. Park entrance and on-site construction projects has also been banned. Were evacuated from the town of 374,000 people. Shanghai ports do not produce and do not take the ship.

Toward the middle of the day typhoon lost strength and became a tropical storm with a huge stock of precipitation, can cause landslides and flooding in Zheytszyane.

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