Home eruption Gamkonora

Home eruption Gamkonora Natural Disasters

Hundreds of residents of the north-eastern part of Indonesia had to evacuate promptly after Mount Gamkonora, located on about. Halmahera in North Maluku province, erupted. A huge column of ash that arose from the crater of 1635-meter-high volcano, up to 3 km in height. While on the slopes of fresh lava flows is not fixed, but the authorities are going to increase the code already in the danger Gamkonore to 3 of a four-level scale.

If the eruption continues at the same pace, if the activity of the magma at the surface of the crater increases, more will be organized evacuation from the area of danger. Experts believe that it is too early to talk about the strength of the final eruption, but judging from previous episodes, it may well be the largest. Eruption of 2007 and earlier years were explosive in nature, the number of evacuees reached 100 thousand.
In May 1973, following the eruption occurred Gamkonory tsunami, inundating coastal village with people living there.

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