Horoscope for 2004




MONKEY (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004).

The coming year — the year of your sign. Inevitably, all sorts of obstacles, so that in all cases, use the tactic of "defense in the name of the offensive." In addition, very few lucky stars you contribute, whereas the malicious right there. So even successfully conducting business, beware of the pitfalls, do not allow yourself to forget for a minute.

In the field of finance — the stability of the income righteous, even the possibility of even greater income in combination, however unjust — forgive … As they say, a handful of others urvesh grain — will lose half the crop. Because not chase quick profits, do not try to fly too high, too long to fly into the distance.

In the root of success — hard to strive for the goal, not to give up, do not be afraid to process, and even more — not to turn half-way. After all, the proverb says: "There is no difficult cases under heaven, since we are not afraid of their own."

All the difficulties and distress, no matter how many of them will be this year, should be the stimulus that motivates you to be active, creative approach to all matters. Think more and plan, then all obstacles will be destroyed by a single stroke. Think of obstacles as challenges, then to the end of the year you will not only quench themselves, enrich the priceless experience, but also open up a new path on which next year will move confidently to a beautiful tomorrow. Wonder whether it is written, "He who does not tasted cold evil, will understand the charm of a flowering plum tree?" Someone who will stand the test, enjoy the wonderful fruits.

ROOSTER (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993.)

Your life is illuminated as happy and malign the stars, and as a consequence — the instability in all cases. Because, starting to some business, well prepare yourself mentally. Follow all rules and regulations, and those involved with commerce — use the tactic of "defense in the name of the offensive."

In this paper, in other endeavors promotion may be the ideal, but we must be careful: before you cut, measure out seven times, frivolity brings losses. But we must not indulge in excessive timidity and indecision, and how would not miss out on opportunities. In short, for you are real two extremes: as a major success, as well as a complete failure, but if you're careful and think about all the planning, the outcome depends on you.
In the field of finance: no speculative transactions, cunning machinations will not lead to success, however, threaten to large losses.
Do not get involved in any business with loans and guarantees: a little nedoglyadite — and not only the mass of unnecessary complexity, but also claims government possible. In short, in all cases advice from the conscience — and be as free as a bird.
In the sphere of the senses: the lack of unity in the family, try to understand better partner. Do not shy away from discussing those issues for which you have disagreements, but then find happiness in the family.
The young "males" and "females" unharmonious life in families, and constant skirmishes not worth a damn.

The trouble with health threatening especially of the older generation, "chicken of the tribe." Take care of health, do not take it lightly.

DOG (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994.)

This year you will find a lot of changes, but — in line with sustainable development, without sudden shocks. If you are moving to a big goal or want to create a business — we recommend you carefully think through everything. Forces should take care, do not rush into anything with his head. There is a saying: "The noble man knows when to start a business, and success is not leaving him." And if you start at the wrong time, will be the same as if the great ship went on a little river: a large expenditure of energy, a lot of creaking, the results are the same …

Work: If you will not regret forces if put the soul, you will find joy, and what you can not imagine.

Finance: profit or loss — is determined by your character. And the success and failure can be terrific. Who can not choose the right time and dreams to achieve anything without effort, hopes to gambling and cunning machinations of those profits go, as the light go off waves of the sea. Can go even fixed capital.
Those who know when to take what, who is conscientious, founder, is steadily moving forward step by step, acquire wealth and labor skills, they can even save the excess.
At work, during sports and driving beware of accidents, keep hands, feet and head.

In a family thing — take care of the health of the older generation. Two words — "peace of mind" and "serenity" — regarded as one thousand gold bars. Special care of their elderly should exercise those "dogs" who were born in the first, fourth and seventh month of the lunar calendar, as well as those who have relatives who were born in the years of the Tiger and Monkey.

Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995.)

Judging by the stars, the coming year is to be happy. However, due to the interference between the stars, in order to carry out the planned, will have to redouble efforts and maintain high vigilance — only if you "make your way Kalashny in a row." Acting as casually, without a clear purpose forces will spend twice as much as a half of the train reach.

Dispose of finances according to plan, do not meaningless at all costs and monitor the hard costs, but then you will have prosperity, but not so much that "it is — gone."

Regardless of whether alone or do business with someone, beware that you are not drawn into the dubious history or cheated.

In the sphere of the senses need care, not "in the sea of passion Razgulyaev wave", between you and your partner will outline a third party. More care for your partner, does not and specifically think about how to warm up ohladevshie relations, so as not to give the place a "third", not that you will only sigh: "I was sitting one day on the slopes, lilac in my girlfriends."

In the Year of the Monkey are possible friction or even conflict with colleagues and subordinates, you are required patience and flexibility. "Shagnesh ago — space, expanse. Shagnesh forward — not breathe." Caution is needed, and in words. Falls through an awkward word — no end of trouble.

RAT (1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996).

Your path in Year of the Monkey illuminate more of the following one after another vicious stars, fortunately, they are too small to cause real damage. Hard work throughout the year will provide more progress in each case.

In business — "ancient pass, everything will be new," you stand in front of some important goals. More courage, good luck catching the tail, and if you will not regret forces will certainly come great success, and with them, perhaps, than money, fame, and also position.

In finance — a very good year to be a lot of reasons to celebrate. However, thrift and diligent work — mandatory conditions for achieving prosperity.

Those of the "rats" who are learning, though, may not achieve the high-profile successes, but will show up well. Those who work for wages and those involved in commerce, you can say: "Water Dragon loves to flit among the clouds lifted — he has no equal." Do not miss the opportunity to be elevated.

In order to not let health, pay attention to their habits of eating and drinking, and most importantly — get enough sleep. From bodily ailments are possible financial losses, the business may be hampered.

The family — a full-being, one ahead of another happy event. "Plum, knowing that happy day has come, is filled with fresh flowers. Birds, seeing that the hour has come good luck, arrive with glad tidings."

BULL (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997).

In the past year, things rarely vertices as you like, at times — even in complete contradiction with the desires, so you had plenty of "eat bitter fruit." But in the year of the Monkey you take under his guardianship lucky stars. Truly, "There is an enclosed tract obstructions anywhere, everywhere happiness at my heels."
Your life purpose will be accompanied back luck, there will be new plans. Revenues rise, investment will give feedback. However, unfavorable foreign exchange will be speculation, speculation.

In the "bulls" who study brain works well, in the teaching of success will come. You just need to work hard, and beautiful vistas turn as beautiful reality. And who would be lazy, squandering precious time, then caught himself, but too late to be.

In the sphere of the senses — "peach blossoms magnificently." In the Year of the Monkey will have many opportunities to explore with persons of the opposite sex, there is hope to find a soul mate. For those who have already found, "over the clear waters of the emerald mountains scent of eucalyptus stirs the blood."

In the field of health: the calm, serenity — is this not happiness? You just need to watch your diet. Young "bulls" — taking care of the eyes and beware of problems because of too sensitive skin.

TIGER (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998).

In the Year of the Monkey on your life path affects Jupiter, in turning away good luck. Plans are not met, the family discord, financial success is variable. Possible destruction, and disease.
Fortunately, there are star-keepers, so modesty, honesty, efficiency can help avoid disasters, while complacency — a sure way to ruin. But be careful: before you cut, measure seven, or even eight times.

Those of you who have already fallen into the deep end must choose the tactic of "retreat for the attack." This does not mean, however, that one should opt out of any activity. We just do not recommend watching the game, and speculation.

If the cases are not lucky, "horror everywhere," does not prevent to think about some of the innovations change. They can reverse the fate.
So, off spec is fixed at every turn of the busy, do not look for a adventure and get ready for a breakthrough. As for guarantees and loans, if you can not contact — do not mess. A moment of inattention can bring a lot of problems, including claims of government officials.

The only consolation to you: your problems can help resolve the noble man from faraway places or happy financial news also from far away.

"Tigers", born in the first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth month of the lunar calendar, we must guard against injury to your hands and feet at work and in road accidents.

HARE (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999).

Last year you passed the equilibrium position and entered a period of consistent progress. In the Year of the Monkey you light the way lucky stars beneficial effect and Jupiter. At work, the changes are coming, and in some ways will be abandoned and a new challenge. Subject to change of profession, transfer to another, more suitable work. There is also the opportunity to disclose all its positive qualities.

Some of the "birds" can make changes to your lifestyle or change his place of residence and thereby improve their lot. Very favorable move to another location, change of apartments or just repair it.

In the investment required diligence, can not be denied because of the small lot. In finance, you are coming or not plowing or sowing, so do not wait and harvest.

The main thing in the field of health — beware of injury to your hands and feet, lower back muscle injury.

In short, the "birds" in this year, all should have a good idea. The work — a general rise, the opportunity to purchase the business, home — joy for joy. A few upsets being — could be better, and in addition, you can put people off their statements and incur condemnation. Because — let your motto is: "Be quiet, where you can keep quiet, and where not — nod your head."

DRAGON (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000).

The year will be favorable in all respects. With finances the full order, the plans are implemented. "The family consent in all cases luck. Whatever you may think — being accomplished by itself." Peace and harmony in the family will bring material prosperity, older people will realize the dream finally babysit grandchildren, the "dragons" of middle age there will be new opportunities for professional growth, and even the young "dragons" have a chance to get a little brother or sister. So what about the families of "dragons" can this year to say, "There should be a joy for joy, and the smile never left the face."

Those "dragons" who learn to remember that Year of the Monkey — a year of learning and flourishing culture. Can not be in vain youth squander time. No wonder they say: "In the east the rivers flow to the sea. And on their way west ordered. Know will not be under the age of grief he who from his youth with a book is related." Since ancient times, all in China — and the soldiers, and workhouse people, and merchants, and farmers — recognize the primacy of the book rights.

Of course, earnings and earnings this year will increase. If carefully designed plan of action, and then find new ways to make money. Even be able to hold off any excess or buy a company, a family.

Much awaits you in the sphere of the senses. Not having a family are able to find a soul mate, and having — beware, as if not to have someone on the side.

To summarize: "dragons" on all fronts expected victory over the competition. Attach efforts — and success is assured.

SNAKE (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001).

Luck is possible, but it is not easy to achieve. In the cases — lots of obstacles, the machinations of the low men. Trust in support of the noble man from distant places — and the problem will be solved one by one.

Those of the "snake" who are learning, can count on the support of good teachers and faithful friends. The teaching is successful, clear thinking, teachers only rejoice. Those who work — new connections, new opportunities. On a really good deal you can come across, even when talking to someone close. And without any business — thanks to his connections — you may well turn: you can manage to put some work abroad, and even sent abroad on a business trip. Use this trip to see how there overseas business is conducted.

All of these features you will really be in the second half of the year.
Work will give good earnings, but on the "curves money" is not zartes. As the saying goes: "Time does not stretch, take care of what is there. During one day become fat, and leads to a wealth of his is not a quick way."

In a nutshell: the "snakes" in all spheres of life may develop for the better, we just have to work hard — and the harvest will be plentiful.

HORSE (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002).

The past year has been generally successful, and some of you are simply "joy gives way to joy, for good luck was good luck." However, in the year of the Monkey illuminates your path less lucky stars and more insidious.

And at work and in their personal lives — the possibility of change, and some can be very painful. In change anything only after careful analysis, the optimal strategy — "in the name of defense of the offensive." Follow any deal systematically, consistently, in order not to incur losses errors.
In the field of finance: do not, intoxicated by successes of the previous year, to try to easily cash in the game, and speculation, not what should bring its finances in complete discord.

The same applies to the "horses" engaged in trade. Stars encourage you to make all sorts of changes in your methods of administration and management, the development will have a tendency to diversify. It is necessary to carefully think through all, and make a decision — to act firmly, that is, as in chess, provide all possible options to eliminate even the slightest surprise. And if luck is in your hands.

To summarize: in the year of the Monkey advised to act in all areas of life with increased caution in advance to take all protective measures, and above all avoid frivolous attitude to health — both his and your loved ones.

BARAN (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003).

Last year was the year of your sign, which means that luck was changeable. Now you take under his wing more lucky stars: more luck, life is once again in full swing. Those who in the past year, despite having made the effort, has not made a favorable impact can this year to wait for a decent harvest.

The work — a lot of new routes, opportunities themselves are finding happiness in your hands. Approach to all cases with optimism, actively moving about among the people who rely on the help of the sun — and your wishes come true.

In the realm of the senses: the most gentle breath of spring wind, violent peach blossom, green grass, gurgling streams. Not having a family — it will create, flowers senses bring remarkable results.
Do not have a soul mate — meet him, and the events will develop rapidly. You could say: "Between pairs of colors fluttering butterflies hovering over the waters blissfully dragonflies." Often go where people communicate with each other: the one who needs you, you may be at any moment.

If you're a family man, the peach blossoms and for you, but think twice before you cast a glance to the side, not put in jeopardy the family happiness.

About finance say tersely: zartes not to easy money without effort. Urvesh another handful of grain — will lose half the crop.
Translated from the Chinese Boris Toporkov

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