Hot weather in the U.S. has received the status of drought

Hot weather in the U.S. has received the status of drought Weather and Climate

Control Center arid state finds that 46.84% of the territory of the United States is in a state of drought, are larger than the figures for the last 12 years (45.6% in September 2002). Just a week ago, dry weather has been recognized in 42.8% of the regions. If we consider only the continental states, the percentage of affected land closer to 60.

Experts estimate the overall character of the American drought as moderate, as only 8.64% of the land is in extreme conditions, which corresponds to the center of the scale used D1v, whereas abnormal drought code is assigned to D3 (five levels). This means completely dry pastures and fields with crops, wells and streams, the decline in water level in reservoirs, lakes and rivers. In the U.S., while the situation is not as dire, but rapidly approaching D3. Most troubling, that the drought started so early compared to previous years.
With nature and the people suffer. Among the victims of the staggering heat appear dozens of people, mostly elderly, and people with poor health. Starting from June 8, Maryland 13 people were killed in Ohio — three victims. In Indiana, died an infant, left in the car overheated in the sun. There is information about the deaths in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Basically, people are dying due to lack of opportunities on the air conditioner because of recent events with thunderstorms and tornadoes, normally huge territory. In Illinois and Wisconsin reports on rail and bus accidents that occurred due to deformation of the rails and blistering asphalt.
People are saved from the heat by any means, recreation centers and swimming pools are full. The number of emergency calls to patients with heat stroke is not reduced. Fortunately for the central and eastern provinces, survivors +38 ° C, there began to flow cool air from Canada. He, however, could lead to a thunderstorm and hail, and with them new power outages and flooding, according to the skeptics.

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