How not to suffer from the miracle workers?




As practice shows, is useless to convince people that there are no miracles, while they themselves are not convinced. Every miracle has its material explanation. But to give all incomprehensible "supernatural" interpretation is much simpler: according to this principle and work our so-called magicians and sorcerers. Their favorite dogma: "This is nothing to be found, it is necessary to believe."

But recourse to magic and witchcraft have recently started to threaten the safety of people — including psychological. Therefore, the "consumer" offers to talk, they do not suffer from contact with these miracle workers, since you stubbornly want to contact them.
Why now occult services have appeared in such numbers? Actually, all these grandmothers, fortune tellers, clairvoyants and other shamans were always — even in our Soviet state. Only if they practiced, in the deepest underground. But as with the restructuring in a while the feeling of permissiveness — then they went outside.
Everything else, the Soviet government completely disaccustomed majority of its citizens to live independently: it is always someone to care about us, free of charge treated us and taught, and accordingly, all decided for us: where we live, what we eat, what and where to go ride (or drive). And when the former was not a totalitarian state, many have felt as children, lost in the street. It was then, gentlemen, occultists and warning in advance. And they said, come to us, pay us and we will solve all your problems for you!
And the subsequent instability only created the conditions for the development of the occult business. After all, when a person does not see the real way to influence the future, when it looks like a chain of circumstances where people are forced to feel like a splinter in the stormy sea, then it seems that only magic can give an answer to the question: "What heart to calm down?"
But it often does clairvoyants predict fate? This prediction technique is as old as the world. As a rule, the predicted events are initially quite high probability ("Tomorrow the weather will be the same as it is today," or even more simply: "Tomorrow morning comes"). And if fortune teller navorozhit girl that she, say, 25 years will have to get married — so it is to this age today, most people create a family.
Again, it is usually remembered those predictions that coincide with reality. For example, if you have a sick relative, and they'll tell you that after a while it will die — if it does happen, you will about this prophecy and do not remember. And if that were to happen, then, of course, will say, "Oh, what a powerful sorcerer!" Yes, today's witch probably read a lot of psychological and medical literature has a great deal of experience, observant. So can easily determine the probability of an event in your life.

And the information about your past, "guessed" even easier. Competent seller occult services to build their conversation so that you have not thought about what he say (to divert your attention in the ground and used all sorts of accessories such as candles, skulls, shiny balls and other mascots). And then you based on your answers and tell us what happened to you in the past.

Sometimes occultists introduce its visitors in a short-term state of hypnosis — it's even more so this is not a miracle. And sometimes guessing at last looks funny, because based on the principle that made fun of one of the writers, comedians: clairvoyant put the customer in front of him and looked him in the eye and said, sepulchral voice: "Have you had a mother." After a long pause: "What's more, you are likely to have been the father."

Again, it is a one hundred percent probability events. And if a man over fifty to say: "Recently you seriously ill," — get to the point you can almost always. Especially in a conversation with a man doubtful that even a trifling runny considers serious illness …

Yet another way of "clairvoyance": if you come to the seller of occult services on the advice of some of your friends, then it is possible that these familiar recommending you, wittingly or unwittingly laid him some information about your past and present!

In conclusion, the theme of predictions one anecdote: "Chukchi sits on a tree and cuts under a bough. Goes past the Russian and says, they say, why are you, Chukchi, chopping bitches — you'll fall! He waved his hand, Go-Go, Chukchi knows what to do. Russian went on and suddenly he heard crashing behind, crackling noise! Turns — Chukchi sits in the snow, and said in amazement, "Well, Russian, you're a shaman!"

Consumers occult services

Typically, these are people with so-called psychology of intellectual laziness, I do not want anything in life to change, do not want to put any effort, nothing to decide. They still have not adapted to real life. In particular, do not learn to rely on their own resources and can not (or even willing) to control their own destiny.
Previously, they ran to complain to the trade union, and now — to the sorcerer. And, as you know, any magician will offer you solve any problem — from infidelity to wife abuse. And the most effective assistance occultists have, as a rule, a man quite suggestible, which is a breeze to convince black — it is white. Not without reason, the Bible says: "According to your faith be it unto you" …

Also, consumers of occult services are people with a craving for a strong hand: who would have told me what to do, I would have done. And in the case of poorly chosen path always have someone to blame, I am not myself so decided, as I was told. And now the one who said, and blame.
Yes, the wizard as it takes on the responsibility for your well being. But does not emphasize that the consequences will have to disentangle yourself. (Alas, it must be noted that the proposal to "solve everything for the customer" sin and some psychologists and psychotherapists. Again only to understand the implications will be the client …).

How can the proposed act witchcraft?

Note that most wizards are taken to solve the problems of three kinds: personal and family (corolla of celibacy, faithful husband, etc.), material (conspiracy to success in business) and treatment of various diseases. On the diseases will talk more later. In the meantime, on the first two areas.
"Corolla celibacy" is usually afraid of a woman who complained that he could not find a husband. That's really how old, and all is one and one. Then she said, "Honey, yes you have family curse, or a wreath of celibacy on you, now we'll clean and you quickly get married …"
But no one understands in detail, why a woman is having difficulty with the construction of the family. Maybe my mother instilled in her that "all men are bastards," and now she's on an unconscious level, repels them? Maybe her as a child was raped? Or maybe she did not personally need a family, and she wants to get married just for the sake of society?
Therefore, "the procedure for removing the beater" is valid for only one category of women — those who can not find a partner because of their own inferiority complex. And now that the solid wizard (and for solid money), she says: "I took you to curse, now you'll be like men" — the lady as if liberating, allows itself to be attractive and men no longer ignore the signs of attention, as she did before . And will most likely find a husband.
But for those ladies that another, more fundamental reason can not or do not want to acquire a family, this ritual does not work.

It is also has a "conspiracy to success in business," no one understands why people bad things are going. In general, suitable to his personality structure in order to do business "in a given place at a given time." The plot will only help those who are afraid to make any meaningful steps in the business, that is, people with complex loser.
When he said, "Now, after this ritual, you all will go well," — he begins to act more confident and active and thus earn more money. Moreover, in this process, and he will not accept failure as a tragedy! Yes, for sure it happened from the misses will not make proper conclusions for the future (and may soon roll down again), but that's to this order does not apply …

The same goes by "removing the evil eye and spoilage": a person who is a loser syndrome, it seems that there is nothing he can not, everything goes wrong, besides pestering disease (which are in fact signs of depression, somatization). But the magician will wave his hands over his head — all at once and it will be.

By the way, the term "evil eye" is also characterized in that it allows to shift the blame for their failures on someone else, often an unpleasant person you: here it is, they say, to you not looked, and from this all your troubles … And it turns out that you yourself are in your life well, absolutely nothing.
Thus, all the occult services — neither more nor less than an authoritarian psychotherapy with elements of suggestion (suggestion). And all the sorcerers and magicians really frankly are scientific methods. And all the supernatural powers — only sign.

A "miracle cures" from diseases, including incurable? If in your personal life or material wealth, everyone is free to put any experiments, the experiment with their own health is hardly reasonable.

Often heard as miracle workers and healers relieve headaches, psoriasis, and normalize the female monthly schedule … But it's all happening again, in cases where the nature of the ailment was clearly neurotic and all treatment consisted precisely in suggestive therapy.

What is this miracle? And in the case of the "treatment of incurable diseases" alternative occult methods it is possible to lose a life. Not least because it would be wasted time. As is known, the earlier diagnosis and treatment is started, the greater the likelihood of recovery, even in diseases such as cancer. Therefore, if they themselves have noticed something suspicious, or, God forbid, confirmed by assays do not waste time running around the sorcerer!

Some may argue that in many cases the recovery from the "alternative healers" is still going on. Typically, this happens when, or people just persuaded himself this disease (suffering, for example, kantserofobiey — the fear of cancer) and he needed a "reverse suggestion", or was an elementary mistake in the diagnosis, or the work of "healer" coincided with a period of improvement (for diseases such cycles).

So you should think twice before approaching a "miracle workers." Perhaps conventional medicine with all his experience, scientific arsenal and the Hippocratic Oath is not so bad? By the way, the doctor can still draw for poor quality treatment, but a sorcerer or healer — is unlikely. Even his vaunted license is often discharged to another person.

How to protect yourself?

But, nevertheless, if you decide to use the services of witchcraft, as at least relatively secure themselves? It is always worth more cautious:
— If your partner randomly juggling terms, sometimes inconsistent: of religions, and different, as well as psychology, medicine and the lay lexicon.

— If it is lumping together not only words but also the different methods of work (removal of the evil eye and damage, psychoanalysis, NLP, …). These "experts" are in the fact that for the majority of our people that the damage that NLP — the same exotic.

— If you are promised some panacea — a remedy for every disease and every problem (as long as you paid).

— If you do not explain in fact work, and just say "we have to trust and obey."

— If the advice that you are given, do not depend on the history of the problem — in other words, your consultant is not interested in why you are having certain difficulties and how long ago.

— If the method proposed by you, unique and inimitable, can only be done by one person (the uniqueness here — a synonym unscientific: as is known, the main criterion for the opening — repeatability of experiments in different settings and by different researchers).
— If the "great magician" is taken for any order, even one that is clearly contrary to the laws of nature, in particular, of human psychology. After all, for example, if you ask someone to get you suspended in the air brick without any assistive devices, and people will agree — so it is either a magician or a crook.

— If you are trying to somehow manipulate: for example, being forced to pay in advance for a number of visits once or forced to make a purchase of any drug or mascot. Remember that bullying clearly shows lack of professionalism. Also, if you want to make a permanent source of money, then your healer is not profitable solution to your problem.

Anyone who opens their eyes to any primitive focus, who wants to be led by the nose and commanded that and how to do — on health, let him go to the sorcerer! After all, when working with a professional psychotherapist, psychoanalyst person necessarily have to think even his own head.

Nicholas Naritsyn, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst


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