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The fame of the center Berestova goes beyond the scope of the city and the whole country. In Moscow Dushepopechitelskogo orthodox center rehabilitation of victims of pseudo-religious organizations and the occult in the name of St. John of Kronstadt is going abroad. This is mainly those who have suffered from the sects, the occult, and drug addiction. Here come when the last hope is lost. And the unexpected happens — people returning health.

It's not easy to get rid of the sectarian past

According Dushepopechitelskogo Orthodox center in Moscow for every 500 people have a sorcerer or psychic. During the seven years of its center of psychologists listened to more than 12,000 victims. At best, it was the people who lost money, at worst — precious time when doctors still could really help them. Very often patients are treated here with a variety of mental disorders and symptoms of so-called occult disease. In humans, there is sadness, depression, and he begins to hear "voices" that run it, suggest what to do, and eventually lead to suicide. A lot of these suicides occur after a visit to occultists, psychics and other magicians.

— The impact of magicians and psychics leads to mental, neurological and somatic disorders — says Fr Father Anatoly (bark), head of the center. — These people are becoming addicted. Addiction — a special inner state. It is always characterized by the fact that a person loses the freedom of the will. But, in the Orthodox Church, the freedom of the will — it is a gift of God.

The center was established in 1996. Now there are even treat drug addicts and their parents. Practice shows that the psychological and social aspects of drug and alcohol abuse and dependence sects have much in common. Father Anatoly, by the way, in the world neurologist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, believes that the victims of destructive cults and the occult can be cured only through the combined use of medical and spiritual practices.

Treatment at the center consists of several stages. On the ground are the primary victims churching — confession, communion, pastoral care, work with a therapist. In addition, the Orthodox doctors are monitoring the physical and mental condition of the victims. The main task of the second stage — to pull people from the former social environment. The second phase of the rehabilitation takes place in monasteries and communities. By the time they enter into a state of sustained remission. And the third stage — the employment of wards and their return to normal life.

Dushepopechitelskogo Orthodox center is located on the territory of the monastery Krutitsa. Check-in is in the tiny back room in front of the church of the Resurrection. At the reception is always a lot of people. Here, in the center Berestova fall in different ways. Newlyweds George and Helen M. told their story. Some years they were members of an international organization of occult sense "Radasteya."

— God still brought into the temple. I do not even know — Yuri doubt — to tell you this or not … with Elena there was one. We took blood tests, when Lena was in the hospital for saving. The blood showed that she had AIDS. We called the doctor three times, three times the analysis confirmed — AIDS. We immediately ran to the church, then to the center Berestova — a terrible diagnosis was not confirmed. Doctors have mixed tubes.

Yura and Lena consider themselves lucky. The case of mistaken diagnosis of AIDS has pushed them in time to get out of the sect, and yet managed to remain undetected by former "brothers and sisters". They themselves believe that their salvation — this is an exception to the rule.

— Many of our friends really hurt — says Lena. — Misha, for example — he used to sing in the choir of the Bolshoi Theatre — crazy. Many went crazy. They were taken early in the morning, and we will have never seen before.

Already on freedom of the couple learned that the healers and mages get a state license to practice as a medical view on private enterprise or even the opening of a commercial firm, with which are all magic and beauty. You can, of course, hope that one day the government will establish order in this area. But now, the best remedy for all ills — it is a proper head on his shoulders.

Telephone Dushepopechitelskogo Orthodox Center rehabilitation of victims of pseudo-religious organizations and the occult — 276-6763.

Marina Kuizheva / 29.01.2004

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