How to recycle old suitcase

How to recycle old suitcase Facts

In one U.S. city have found an unusual way to not send the old travel bags and suitcases to the shop, antique shop, or in a landfill, but to give them a second life, carrying with beneficial effects for the environment.

Creative processing company located in Portland, collects unwanted bags of interesting vintage look and makes them "bass cases", or Case of Bass. Product output is a portable sound system with a relatively high capacity and quality better than modern brands.
Each bag is cleaned and specially prepared before starting it suitable speakers that will continue to ensure the right combination of sound and aesthetics. Since all the old cases initially have its unique shape, size and color, recreate the sound systems are available in single copy. Than leather suitcases themselves as secondary raw materials, and some elements are the speakers themselves, which further increases the ecological significance of ideas.
Some Cases-of-Bass made by individual orders. Their cost ranges from 275 to 370 U.S. dollars. Some instances of miracle treatment appeared in shopping centers and exhibition galleries of Portland.

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