How will climate change affect the situation with fires?

How will climate change affect the situation with fires? It is interesting

Over the next 30 years due to the increase in global temperature is expected to increase the number of fires on Earth. Very often they will occur in the western part of North America, according to the Texas Tech University.

Burning in Portola Hills, California, USA.
Combining data from 16 climate models in the world, and satellite data, scientists have a global perspective of the spread of fires and their relationship to modern climate. By the end of this century, almost all of North America and much of Europe, as the number of seats of fire warming will increase, and at the equator because of the increased fire intensity rainfall will decrease. This is indicated by the average performance of the hottest temperatures in the months of the year across the planet over the past 20-30 years, and recorded maximum rainfall, which influences the susceptibility of vegetation to fire.
Specialists believe that the constructed model they have a good match to the real situation in a couple of decades, and advise the international community undertake the development of preventive measures and innovative ways of dealing with the fire now. This will help save the ecosystem of the U.S., Europe and Asia, and those people in the world whose very existence depends on the integrity of the forest.

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