Hubble Telescope discovered the first galaxy in the universe




An international team of astronomers has set a new record in the detection of the most distant from us (and, hence, the earliest) of space objects: scientists have discovered a "primeval" galaxy located about 13 billion light-years from Earth.

This means that she was born after 750 million years after the Big Bang. The universe was then about twenty times younger than today.

This group of stars — the earliest date of birth of all known at this time. Galaxy actually began to shine after the so-called period of "Dark Ages" when the universe was opaque. The size of this galaxy is several times smaller than our own — the Milky Way.

Galaxy has been identified, the processing of data from the space telescope Hubble, as well — Keck telescope in Hawaii. Such a remote object managed to fix due to the effect of gravitational lenses, amplifying the light. The role played by the massive lens galaxies located in the same direction, but much closer to us than the new object.

Earlier, the Americans finally abandoned the service telescope Hubble, which is unrepaired be able to work no more than three years.


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