Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan

Hundreds dead after earthquake in Afghanistan Natural Disasters

In the north-east of Afghanistan in the densely populated province of Baghlan, there were two earthquakes caused extensive landslides. Under the debris of rocks and mud buried provisionally estimated 25-30 homes in the five mountains. Reported hundreds killed in hit area — near Burke. Due to the fact that the area is quite remote from the disaster communications, rescue teams arrived late and search operations have just begun.

Unfortunately, the nearest medical center is located only 40 km away from the affected area, which reduces the chance of staying alive under the rubble of people to survive. From neighboring areas to the site of the earthquake mobilized ambulance. Complicating rescue and depth rubble. In the village of Zai-Ghazar out of the ground can not even see the remains of houses, to dig them out, you will need a bulldozer. The international community can not get timely recent data from Burki, as there are no established system of communication.
What happened in the Hindu Kush mountain earthquake depth of 15 km is estimated at 5.4 points. Him 27 minutes followed by a second boost in 5.7. They felt even residents of the capital Kabul (at 169 km from the epicenter), where, according to witnesses, the building began to wobble. Afghanistan is in a rather sensitive area of seismic events, so the two earthquakes were so fatal.
In 2002 at the same location after the 5.8-magnitude earthquake killed 50 and injured 150 people. Another episode in 2002 killed 1,200 Afghans, 7,000 injured and over 20,000 homeless. With 190 years in Baghlan happened over 16 devastating earthquakes.

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