I saw a new book Bird Kiwi Gigabytes of power




Moscow publishing house "Bestseller" released a new book titled Kiwi Bird "Gigabytes of power. Information technology between freedom and totalitarianism."

U.S. Iraq adventure, hacking GSM cards and satellite TV, all-knowing Wikipedia, the missing of the world rankings IBM supercomputer are linked.

Formally, the hero of the book is Edgar Hoover — the founder and director of the FBI, who survived in his day eight U.S. presidents. Each chapter begins a page from his life.

However, this book is not just about the secret activities of the U.S. government and intelligence agencies, their experiments to build a society of total control and methods of "popular resistance."

The author leads the reader to believe that a civilized society stands today on the threshold of responsible choice. As the technology will be used by society?

Unique documents with links on the Internet (which have, however, a strange property to fade) collected in the bibliography, which occupies half a dozen pages.

Sales of the book was officially launched February 17, 2004 in a book store "Moscow" on Tverskaya. Acquainted with both books Byrd Kiwi here.

Recall that previous work Kiwi Bird — "The Book of the strange" was released in March 2003. Author published in our magazine three articles about the intersections and parallels stories about airplanes darkness of Egypt, as well as scientists who are vaguely imagine how the world.


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