ILA-2012. GERMAN-SWEDISH AVIATION long-range cruise missiles TAURUS KEPD 350

ILA-2012. GERMAN-SWEDISH AVIATION long-range cruise missiles TAURUS KEPD 350
Air Show ILA-2012 in Berlin, the company Taurus Systems GmbH presented subsonic aircraft cruise missile long range Taurus KEPD (Kinetic Energy Penetration Destroyer) 350. Taurus Systems GmbH is a joint venture of the German LFK-Lenkflugkorpersysteme (EADS / MBDA) and the Swedish Saab-Bofors Dynamics .
High-precision cruise missile Taurus KEPD 350 can seep through the dense air defense system and destroy stationary and semi-stationary high security ground targets. The German Federal Office for Military Technology and Procurement (BWB) has issued a contract Taurus Systems GmbH to develop aviation winged long-range missiles in 1998. First successful missile tests were carried out in June 2001. Flight tests on the highest range was launched in November 2002 at the site of Denel Overberg in South Africa. Tests conducted 61st Test Center and the German Air Force. Mass production Taurus KEPD 350 launched in 2004.
Missile launch weight — 1400 kg. Length — 16.7 feet wingspan — 6.7 feet. The rocket consists of modular sections (including electrical systems) that can be set depending on the type of combat tasks. Weight tandem penetration (cumulative-explosive) warhead — 481 kg. Turbofan engine Williams P8300-15 provides a cruising speed of 0.6 to 0.95 M at a very low altitude (30 m). Most firing range — 500 km. The highest accuracy is achieved combined (3-component) autonomous navigation system (INS + GPS + radar map terrain correction) and infrared seeker.
The missile is in service with the German Air Force and Spain. On airplanes, Tornado, EF-18 and Eurofighter can be suspended for two KR Taurus KEPD 350. Spanish Air Force were delivered 43 missiles by the treaty of November 2004 (transaction price was 57.4 million euros, delivery completed in August 2010). German Air Force received about 600 missiles (contract signed in August 2002, the transaction price amounted to 570 million euros, delivery completed in December 2010). Likely customers Taurus KEPD 350 including Australia, Canada and Sweden. Launch of India offered to equip the Su-30MKI fighters.

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