In Greece, accidentally found an ancient royal tomb




In the course of road works in Greece accidentally found fully preserved, and apparently no one plundered underground Mycenaean royal tomb / 1600-1100 years BC /. This outstanding discovery was made on the outskirts of g.Volosa / Central Greece / — close to the Mycenaean city Iolk, the home of Jason, the legendary leader of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece kidnapper.

According to archaeologists, has not yet entered into the dome of the tomb, it is a monumental structure that is similar, but about half the size of the famous Tomb of Atreus in Mycenae / Peloponnese /. As scientists believe, it houses the remains of some of the ruler of Mycenaean era, and perhaps of his family members, as well as works of ancient art, which always put in Tolosa / underground dome of the tomb / to brighten the stay of their "host" or "hosts" in the world of the dead. Estimated level of underground tombs — 6.5 meters high and 8 meters in diameter.
On when the Greek scientists are going to get inside the Mycenaean tombs were reported. Nevertheless, it is clear that the world archeology is apparently on the verge of outstanding new discoveries. Unless, of course, the case is not delayed due to the 2004 Olympics. After all, Volos, where the share of archaeologists was given this success, is one of the so-called Olympic cities of Greece — at the local stadium will be qualifying competition of the groups Olympic football tournament.


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