In Less zamirotochila icon




Region-Inform, Sverdlovsk region, 26.01.2004. In the temple of the Holy Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg in Less (Sverdlovsk region) started mirotochenie icons. According to the parish priest Nicholas Kormyshakova, an icon for the first time began to behave in an unusual way in December last year. After the Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas Day on the icon of St. beads of sweet-smelling liquid.
As described in the Yekaterinburg diocese, the icon was donated by one of the parishioners of the church a few years ago. It is an ancient temple the image size of 70 by 50 centimeters. By the way, in recent years in the Middle Urals, it was noted a few cases mirotocheniya holy icons. Believers see this as a good sign.


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