In northern India and Bangladesh was a flood

In northern India and Bangladesh was a flood Natural Disasters

Exacerbation during the monsoon rains caused flooding in northern and eastern India. 2.2 million people were forced to evacuate, 500,000 are in the specially equipped camps. 16 people were killed by a landslide layers of dirt, just a week killed 81 residents, some of them were drowned, along with boats. 11 people remain missing.

Suffered the most well-known for its mountain tea and rice plantations in Assam, which borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. There is strongly increased the level of water in the river Brahmaputra and 26 of the 27 states experienced a flood, almost completely lost the rice crop. Tea crops have not suffered as grow at higher elevations of the mountains. Over 70% of Kaziranga National Park, famous for its tigers, one-horned rhinos and elephants, have also been flooded.
The difficult situation in the states is preserved Arunahal Pradesh, Manipur and Meghalaya, which flooded thousands of homes, roads and fields. Food and drinking water to victims can be transported only by helicopters, which are specially allocated for rescue operations.
The death toll in floods and landslides in Bangladesh reached 123 pax. Fortunately, the accumulated rain water began to fall. All five of the monsoon affected regions of the country and about 900 thousand people.

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