In Pakistan due to a sandstorm people died

In Pakistan due to a sandstorm people died Natural Disasters

On the part of the Afghanistan-Iran border in several provinces of Pakistan, including the East Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in the north-west, bumped sandstorm. Strong winds damaged homes, turned to the roots of trees and knocked poles with wire and road signs. Reported 15 dead and dozens wounded. Seven people died in the city of Peshawar, including two children. The other eight victims were living in Punjab, including four children.

Punjab airports stopped their work because of adverse weather conditions and near-zero visibility. Air travel at a wind speed of 90 km / h in Khyber and 75 km / h in Punjab constitute a danger to the crew and passengers. Deenergized hundreds of dwellings in many provincial towns.

Forecasters say the storm of sand appeared very suddenly and the current weather and climatic parameters were no signs of her. Presumably, even if the wind dies down over Pakistan, the very dust haze can dissipate only 12 hours.
When the humidity is minimal, low-lying areas such as oasis Hamun salt lakes on the border of three Central Asian countries, may become dehydrated desert. The sediments at the bottom of former lakes are excellent material for the formation of a sand storm, even with little wind, since the heat makes the air near the surface of the dry lake unstable.

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