In Siberia found people speaking the language neizvestonm!




American linguist found in the vast Siberian community of people speaking on a hitherto unknown language. 426 people living in six villages in the Tomsk region, this area is called the Middle CHULYM, but only 35 of them speak in his own language, which is on the verge of extinction. The youngest of owning this language — '52. The American scientist David Harrison exploring rare Siberian languages for 8 years. Last summer, he went on an expedition from Tomsk. Day he was driving down the road, then crossed two rivers by boat, until he came to the Middle Chulyma. There are living descendants of nomadic Tatars hunted in Western Siberia, hunting, fishing and gathering. 350 years ago, with the beginning of joining Siberia to Russia, the nomads were forced to teach to a sedentary lifestyle. But the real disaster happened under Stalin during the collectivization. In the 50 years of the last century, the mention of middle reaches of Chulym all disappeared from official sources and are no longer mentioned in the census. Now the descendants of the ancient nomadic people still live by hunting, fishing and gathering, as well as learned how to grow vegetables. Their extensive vocabulary includes many words to describe the flora and fauna, as well as the weather and their traditional occupations. The language has a unique system of natural and grammatical structure. All terms relating to the settled life, taken from the Russian. American linguists hope to soon publish a grammar of the language of the Middle Chulyma and a collection of children's tales, hoping that this will happen before the language will be dead.

Battery News, 30.01.2004 9:47
Source: PCH

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