In South Korea, there were B-2 bombers

In South Korea, there were B-2 bombers
Two strategic bomber U.S. Air Force B-2 on Thursday as part of the exercise for the first time held a bombing on the ground in South Korea, reports the Unified Command of the Armed Forces of the United States and South Korea.
In puzzle flight bombers «stealth» went fly with the bases on the ground U.S. strike on educational goals on the Korean peninsula and return to the place of constant dislocation.

Earlier it was reported that two B-2 bomber U.S. Air Force, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, on Thursday flew to a U.S. military base Whiteman (Missouri) in South Korea.

«Strategic U.S. military command on Thursday sent two bombers B-2 for the realization of training following a long flight with a return to Whiteman Air Force Base, the U.S. as part of ongoing joint exercises yearly U.S. and South Korean Foal Eagle (« Young Eagle «),» — said in vserasprostranennom Command statement.

Earlier in these exercises have already taken the role of strategic bombers B-52, based on Guam. In this regard, the North Korean authorities have stated that perceive military response measures in case of resumption of flights of strategic bombers over the Korean Peninsula.

«We look closely at the actions of the strategic bombers B-52,» — said in a previously vserasprostranennom via Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) a statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman.

«If a bomber will reappear over the Korean Peninsula, he will not escape the harsh military response measures,» — said in a statement.

It stresses that «the U.S. and spend a nuclear strike on the Korean Peninsula at the time when the situation is in millimeters from the war.»

«This — boorish provocation,» — noted in the DPRK Foreign Ministry statement.

The military commander of North Korea also said that North Korea is ready in case of provocation by the United States to strike at the South American military bases on Guam.

«The United States is recommended not to forget that their Air Force Base on Guam Anderson, which soar bombers B-52, as well as accommodation base submarines in the Land of the Rising Sun area, is within this range of our high-precision weapons systems,» — quoted by Last week, the North Korean military official KCNA.

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