In southwest China floods and landslides

In southwest China floods and landslides Natural Disasters

The southern and western provinces of China continue to suffer losses from heavy rains. Over the past few days in the districts and Tihange Matszang Gudzhou province of showers in some way affected 226,000 Chinese. The list of victims included three people.

Reports on the evacuation of more than 2,200 residents of the province. Around 900 houses completely destroyed the increasing volume of water. Flooded and can not be restored 7,400 hectares of agricultural land.
In Hunan province due to softening of the soil, no longer able to hold excess rain water, one of the main rail routes had a landslide covered the 50 meter rails 4 thousand m3 of soil and rock. Transportation between Shanghai and Kumingom was suspended for 11 hours., Which led to the temporary closure of 12 passenger routes. On the restoration of the railway had more than 500 employees and 8 excavators.
As reported by weather forecasters in mid-June with the weather situation over the south-western China, some residents will be able to improve and begin to repair the broken rhythm of life.

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