In the Far East continue to burn wood

In the Far East continue to burn wood Natural Disasters

In the Far Eastern part of Russia, but rather in the Amur Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai remain on coniferous forests. Seasonal fire, which started a little earlier than usual because of the dry winter resulted in many homes. At the moment, fire crews managed to curb the 38 fires. Last day 30 burning forests were brought under control.

However, as reported by the Regional Department of Forest Protection, 27 fires continue to destroy plantations in the Far East, fueled by strong winds and warm weather. The damage caused by fire, huge. In the Amur region destroyed 980 hectares of forest in Khabarovsk 406 hectares. Only last night damaged additional 2683 hectares.
To extinguish fires involved more than 1120 employees firemen, 186 units and 17 units of office equipment flying, including 11 helicopters. Since spring 2012, the region recorded 1,159 forest fires, damaging 48,000 hectares of land.

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