In the north-west of Europe coming winter storm

In the north-west of Europe coming winter storm Weather and Climate

As the European Meteorological «AccuWeather», later in the week strong wind, heavy rain and snow storms overwhelm the north-west of Europe from Britain to Scandinavia. Will be hindered or halted the movement of all modes of transport.

The epicenter of the hurricane will go to the server and in the central part of the UK and Ireland. In many areas, wind speed can reach 120 km / h near the sea and the hills. Because of snowstorms upland Scotland, Ireland and northern England will be covered with snow.

Likelihood that the weather conditions is 60%. This weather could be a risk factor for the health of some people and disrupt the delivery of certain services. By the weekend snowfall will likely be less than 60%.

By the end of the week Hurricane Center get to eastern Scandinavia and will bring strong wind on the coast of Denmark, southern Sweden, northern Germany and Holland. In the east of Norway and western Sweden is expected to snow (up to 30 inches of rain).

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