In Ufa live granny-X !




See the miracle of a disease-grandmother can and photographs.

Sania catch Gabitov home could not — my grandmother has regular visitors intercepted and taken to the sick. We decided to wait.

Finally healer back.

— How is it? — I'm interested in just emerged from the session mustached man and his wife.

— She confirmed all diagnoses that doctors have put … Now we know what to do!

Had to work hard before Sania Fatykhovna agreed to talk — she does not like attention from the press. But for the coveted door we still allowed.

72-year-old Sania Fatykhovna not a doctor. Frezerovschitsey worked all his life in the factory, then the farm "Flowers of Bashkortostan."

Like many people in old age a woman has accumulated a lot of diseases — and pancreatitis, and ischemia, and partial stroke, and arthritis — even the fingers are not bent. A 90-year Sania Fatykhovna fell ill. Diagnosis — pulmonary edema. The woman lay in a coma for a week. Survived. And then started it.

— After that, his fingers began to bend, were headaches, I began to feel completely healthy — says Gabitova. — And then one day she went to her daughter Chernikovka. I am standing at the bus stop, I see — two women talking. I got accustomed to one, I come up and say — "You know, your son will be all right — and make peace with his wife, and the plague will pass!" She was very surprised and said, "Thank you so much!" Frankly, at first I thought I was going crazy …

In short, Sania Fatykhovna began to see the disease and to treat people. Crowds flocked to her patients. On the day it takes to 20. Come, even at night! It tells the "granny-ray is" somehow got a letter, addressed as follows: Ufa, Aunt Sonya. I still wonder, how is it found the destination! Sania Fatykhovna easily handles medical terms, but, says, srodu in the medical records did not look — not enough time. They themselves appear in the head.

The only one she does not accept — with cancer. According to her, she can not help them.

We wanted to test the ability of Saniya Fatykhovna for yourself. She moved her hand along my neck and gave the diagnosis:

— You start low back pain.

And our healer stunned Fotokor recalled that in the past he had been in a car accident. And my grandmother said with certainty that the Ufa office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" will soon be more. How could she know that this year, our editorial staff will move to a larger venue?

Knows miracle grandmother and the girl-x-ray Natasha Demkina from Saransk, which recently wrote, "Komsomolskaya Pravda". He said, "I believe her.'s True" …

Grandmother Sonia takes on record — at least a month in advance. I asked her, "Are not you tired of it?"

— Yes, it's terribly exhausting. But people come to me for help and I can not refuse them …

Gulnara Shakirovs February 17, 2004

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