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How long have gone have the days when leading pundits have argued that the Earth is flat, rests on four elephants and all that rests on a huge turtle. Those days are gone, came the others, and scientists began to argue about the existence of a round Earth, consisting of the crust and the core of molten iron, gas, stone, or something else melted. But to date, no convincing evidence of a similar structure of the Earth does not exist. All this is due to the fact that scientists have learned to trust authority, and if the author says so and so, that something is impossible, then every "educated" person is committed firmly to believe him. Therefore, it often happens that scientists predict less plausible than the predictions of simple illiterate people.

Tell about the actual structure of our Mother Earth decided to Tibetan Lama Lobsang Rampa. In his book "Twilight".

According to Buddhist religious books, many thousands of years ago began fluctuations in the Earth's crust, and in many areas there was a change of climate. This forced the families to move out of the cold zones. One of the tribes roughly 25,000 years ago, got to the place we now call the North Pole. They all walked and walked until they found that the sun is always hanging over their heads, never falls and rises. After a while they realized that they were inside the Earth, and the Earth is hollow. The sun inside the Earth — is an energetic phenomenon that occurs naturally.

In Tibet, there are tunnels that go deep into the Earth, through which the initiate can travel to the center of the Earth, and meet with representatives of the inside of civilization, as people came from there and talked with senior lamas. Of course, Tibet is not the only place. Such tunnels in the world set. Only a few "sensitive" to the people aware of the existence of tunnels beneath the Great Pyramids in Egypt, parts of South America, in the Gobi Desert. All these pyramids are connected to the inner world. A pyramid is used as beacons that send signals to a distant space for a spacecraft.

There are a large number of people with accurate information about the visits of envoys from the inner world to the surface. In addition, the majority of UFOs appear it from the inner world. Underground people very concerned about conducting nuclear explosions on the Earth's surface. Too big explosion can lead to significant damage to the cortex and the death of the Earth, they are trying to control the conduct of atomic research in our world.

The people of the underworld and is very highly developed, they are the inheritors of the inhabitants of Lemuria, My, Atlantis and even earlier civilizations. Earth is periodically shaken by storms, earthquakes, meteors and other disasters, which often leads to the destruction of the people on the surface. At the same time, the internal life flows peacefully and quietly that contributes to the development of spiritual and scientific knowledge.

It is necessary to mention another interesting point. Only eight of our world — land, everything else is busy with water — seas, oceans, lakes, etc. It may be that within the earth's land much more, and if more land is greater, and people. On the other hand, if they are under the control of fertility (unlike us), then instead of the number may exceed our quality.

None of all researchers who traveled to the pole, and failed to show that there really was. No one is never would have failed, because the "pole" — a point remote from the surface of the Earth, which has been proven to permanently alter their whereabouts.

Have you ever studied the reports of researchers who claimed to have reached the North or the South Pole? All of them, without exception, talk about the temperature in moving to the north and the sudden appearance of the open seas. These travelers have found many phenomena that are contrary to the accepted theory of the gradual cold snap at the poles. In fact, there are only a pole as a mystical symbol and represent the centers of the holes leading into the earth.

Northern Lights may be a simple reflection of the inner light of the sun, visible under certain conditions. This phenomenon can also be caused by radiation due to nuclear activities of mankind. Astronomers have discovered that on the moon there is a mysterious glow, periodically appearing at the poles.

Opponents of this theory always say, "If the Earth is hollow, then why none of flying over the North Pole have not seen the hole?"

The fact is that the planes do not fly over the North nor, nor over the South Pole. They fly far enough away from them because a flight over the pole can cause serious problems in the navigation instruments. Routes aircraft laid many miles from the legendary pole, getting rid of the distortion in the compasses. Especially in these places, as a rule, poor visibility. The reason for that fog, snow storms, irregular glare from snow, ice and water.

As for the astronauts, it is easy to see that has never been publicly presented a full report on the work in orbit. Government superpowers withhold information about UFOs, Hollow Earth and the existence of higher civilizations, not to sow panic disorder, suicide and other strange things to people who are capable in a state of excitement.

But in the near future, it will be impossible to hide.

In conclusion, I want to say that you can find a lot of the pros and cons of this theory, but we must remember that the mind is self-evident, is not ready to accept the truth. The truth needs to feel the heart.

This is just one of the topics touched with Lobsang Rampa. On the pages of his books can be found predictions of the coming of the next World leaders (like Jesus Christ), of disasters, travel in the astral plane, life after death, how and why the pyramids were built, the Akashic records do not coincide with the history textbooks, the original text of the Bible has been lost over time, and much more about what could be told in the pages of the newspaper. And best of all, find and read the books themselves.

Gregory Kireyko, Feodosia

The Secret Doctrine 1,2004

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