ISS crew photographed a UFO




Astronaut Michael Foale, who works on the ISS together with his Russian counterpart Alexander Kaleri saw in the window of the module "Zvezda" subject of a soft material. That is a thin strip of about 25 cm long otdelilast from the station, the crew recorded during engine starting ship "Progress M1-11" on February 6. Astronauts could photograph him through the window of the module, according to an official report, NASA.

Specialists of the Russian Mission Control Center is not yet ready to say that during this per item. However, this incident is no danger for the station and the crew is not. ISS flight runs normally, no abnormalities were detected.

For "recognition" in the MCC via digital communications will be sent photos of an unidentified flying object that made Michael Foale and Alexander Kaleri.

Puzanov said that "in the opinion of many experts, it does not pose any threat," and "this fact was considered as an ordinary phenomenon." Has been audited by the major networks are now "all systems are functioning properly, but nonetheless, experts continue to study the origin of the object." According to Puzanov, now astronauts began an experiment on growing cells of barley.


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