It was possible to take a picture of the largest volcano solar system




Olympus Mons is two and a half times higher than Mount Everest

The European Space Agency / ESA / submitted to the Mission Control Center in the southern German city of Darmstadt, a new batch of color images of the Martian surface. The pictures were taken on board the European Space Station "Mars Express", located on the low Mars orbit at an altitude of 273 km. Using high-resolution stereo camera allows us to consider even the small details of Martian landscape.

Experts analyzing transferred on board the "Mars Express" snapshots, pay attention to their unparalleled high quality. In the most recent photographs clearly visible largest volcano solar system — Olympus Mons, the height of which exceeds 22 km and the depth of the crater at the summit around 3 km. Previously, ESA introduced photographs Martian landscape, which you can see the giant crater caused by the impact of large meteorites, craters of extinct volcanoes and deep canyons.

Station "Mars Express", bred by Mars orbit December 25, 2003, will operate for at least two years. During this time, is expected to produce three-dimensional mapping of the entire surface of the Red Planet, ITAR-TASS reported.


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