Japan dominated by hot weather

Japan dominated the hot weather Weather and Climate

Virtually all week the eastern and western parts of Japan were in the power exhausting hot and dry weather, which marked the end of the rainy season. In Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, the temperature did not fall below +39 ° C, up to 35 degrees and above mentioned in the 77-and 927-and of observation stations in the region. How to recognize the meteorologists, this record for the July weather in the islands.

In many cities in the north-east and south-west of Japan announced the thermal warning. All encouraged to drink plenty of fluids and go out to a safe time of the day, avoiding the midday hours.

But no matter how take precautions, unbearable heat proved to be fatal for the 13 people in the country who have died in the past seven days. Another 5,467 people were admitted to hospital because of health complications caused by abnormally high temperatures. The numbers are indeed impressive, as in the previous week for medical assistance in connection with the heat turned 2.1 times less Japanese.

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