Japan nuclear reactor resumes operations

Japan nuclear reactor resumes operations Facts

Despite recent sad events connected with the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan's Prime Minister said the reopening of two nuclear reactors at the plant in the western part of the country. In his speech, the official assured divided into two opposing camps the public that this time the plant Oxx fully protected from possible shocks, tsunamis and earthquakes.

In Japan, management plans and other plants to return to function, however, as they fear the sharply negative reaction of the society and the scientific elite. Many scientists do not support such transient nuclear projects, because they consider the obvious dangerous situation in Japan in terms of seismology. Near the old and new reactors are dozens of faults, other nuclear plants are in the danger zone of the tsunami.
Apart from the obvious geographical barriers safety of the plants there is another flaw — the lack of impeccable control of nuclear reactors and unchanging human factor.
Paradoxically, that Japan is not particularly need additional sources of energy, even in the current energy crisis. Country and in such difficult conditions could support themselves through a combination of alternative sources and increasing their reserves, the fact that many enterprises have long switched to economy mode of operation and continue to introduce technology to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing.

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