March 25 aviation training ground «Ladoga» over the waters of Lake Ladoga began yearly firings Western military fighter neighborhood.

If weather conditions allow, the event will last a day or two, but there is a reserve military until March 28 at non-flying weather.

In training involving aircraft such as the Su-27, MiG-31 and MiG-29. From the airport «Besovets» Karelia soar Su-27 and MiG-29. In training involved airfields «Besovets», «Kursk», «Khotilovo» — Tver region, and «Monchegorsk». Involving several Fri Air Controllers «Khotilovo», «Besovets», «Lod field» and other items. Coaching is and funny day and NIGHT MODE. In the daytime, make three aerial and Night — two.

In the event of aircrew involved 45 people. Among them, not so long ago finished training youth — they make daily flights and the pilots had been previously used data Munitions funny day. They will fly by night training, also training in pairs and groups.

As said Colonel Sergei Demidenko, deputy chief of combat training and tactical fighter aircraft of the first Air Force command.

— This event is part of routine training. Carried out the shooting, practical launches guided air weapons air-to-air the aviation range «Ladoga».

The colonel said that the main objectives are to prepare for flight crews to alert duty on air defense system in the areas of responsibility WEST, improved skills and abilities of flight crews, engineers and technical staff to develop and improve the implementation capacity of aircraft weapons air-to-air ;.

Targets for the fighters will be exclusively in the air. On this workout no earthly targets. If we talk in ordinary language, the landfill in the sky explode the bomb, glowing hot objects from which to typical «parachute» will fall down. Problem fighters — to find these objects bring their missiles with thermal homing head, and hit the target. Special devices fix results flights.

According Demidenko, a threat to fishermen of Lake Ladoga not. Polygon Sports is pretty big. Area covered, from the shoreline — 25 km, and 80 km along the lake. This week have all been warned about the beginning of the exercise. But still maintained ice reconnaissance. Air Scout flies to trace and identify the objects captured in the closed zone. The event is held once a year, claims and incidents has not happened.

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