Kyshtym humanoid creature was




Completed the study of matter, which was wrapped in a mysterious creature, discovered seven years ago on the outskirts of Kyshtym. About this newspaper "Chelyabinsk Worker" said in a telephone teacher at the Moscow Aviation Institute, author of Encyclopedia of ufology, the coordinator of the social and scientific association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. Experts agree that a person is a being had nothing in common. It was a humanoid. Considered earlier version of a genetic deformity has not been confirmed.

Recall that in Kishtim found the creature that looked like a seven-month baby with a helmet-shaped head. A mysterious humanoid found on the street and took care of the house Tamara Prosvirina elderly woman who lives near Kyshtym. Then she was taken to a psychiatric hospital, and the alien died from hunger and mummified. UFO dubbed him Alexis. "Foundling" ufologists taken from Kamensk-Ural. Along the way, the machine hangs UFOs, and Alexis, placed in the box in Mandarin, instantly and mysteriously disappeared.

"Kosmopoisk" went to "wear" humanoid, which was transferred to the examination. Meanwhile, said Chernobrov, studies on the hands he is not allowed: genetic laboratory that conducted the examination "Shroud" alien demands money for analysis. Money at the same enthusiastic scientists do not.


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