Kyzyl: Tuva found under the meteorite weighing 5.4 kg




In the southern outskirts of the capital of Tuva — Kyzyl in the desert found the third in the history of the republic meteorite, which weighs 5.4 pounds.

It has an elongated shape along the long axis of the size of 26 cm with a width of 8-9 cm This was announced by one of the authors' findings, a research fellow of the Tuvan Institute of Complex Natural Resources (IKOPR), Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Popov, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to the scientist, the new Tuvan meteorite silver-gray color, it is magnetic, with little background radioactivity. Preliminary analysis showed that the composition messenger space nickel iron, with small amounts of phosphorus.

According to the structure it belongs to the so-called anatase and by all accounts is very different from that found in the 50-ies of the last century, the first known Tuvan Ching meteorite that landed 12 thousand years ago.

A new comer fell out of the universe, just 50 miles north of the crash site of its predecessor. No traces of the crater is not detected. The fall of the meteorite may have happened a few decades ago and, apparently, was not accompanied by noticeable sound and fire effects.

Although traces of melting on the surface can be seen clearly. Now meteorite scientists continue to explore the Tuva IKOPRa and the local Institute of Geology.

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