L-3 WESCAM introduced a new system battlefield surveillance MXTM-LVSS

L-3 WESCAM introduced a new system battlefield surveillance MXTM-LVSS
The American company L-3 WESCAM presented the newest surveillance system MXTM-LVSS, the placed on self-propelled transport vehicles. System display at the exhibition defense and security systems CANSEC-2013 in Canada, reports ASDNews May 28.
MXTM-LVSS is a modular monitoring system capable of operating in various weather criteria and in all weathers, armed truck with equipment and remote control, which is integrated with the machine operator jobs. The system can be installed on various types of self-propelled platforms, provides a clear and timely disk imaging for the surrounding terrain on the move and in the parking lot. «The scalable design of the system provides a full range of observation and fits perfectly to equip combat vehicles such as promising Canadian light armored vehicle LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) system with intelligence LRSS (Recce Surveillance System)», said vice president of government sales and business development of Paul Jennison (Paul Jennison).
The system is armed with various sensors monitoring system integrated with radar allows the collection, storage, processing and exchange of digital information acquired on the battlefield to increase situational awareness of troops at all levels of governance.
L-3 WESCAM is world leader in the design and manufacture of stabilized multispectral imaging systems disk imaging, headquartered in New York (USA). The company, with offices located around the world, employs about 51 thousand people.

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